10 Awkward Moments When Planning a Catholic Wedding With a Non-Catholic Family

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  • Fr. John Higgins

    Wow, I could add a bunch to these, but these are really excellent. Questions asked of the Priest right before the wedding:
    1. Hey Padre, want a shot of Jack with me and my dad?
    2. Whattup. I’m the photographer. I’m going to ask you to step out of the way during the wedding so I can get some good angles. No problem, right?
    3. OK, I’m the Wedding Coordinator (she doesn’t work for the Church). These Catholic ones are always so #&*!@ long, but whatever… listen, fella, I’m going to dim the lights and put up a few more candles, like OK? Thanks. Love ya!
    4. Wow, big guy, you’ve never missed a meal, have you? Don’t eat too much at our reception, we can only afford one plate per person. Kidding!!!
    5. (During the wedding the Bride says) OMGT, Is this about over?

    • Pam

      Wow, I can only imagine what penance the prewedding meetings must have been.

  • Frfrancisarchno

    How about this? Once I had a couple not want to get married in the Church because (and I quote) the “crucifix is such a negative death-dealing symbol.” The one and only time in my priestly ministry I lost it in front of the person.

    • Ioannes


    • Sonia DuPont

      yeah, it’s crazy how many people call the church office to see if they can “book” the Catholic Church for a non-Catholic wedding. “uh, we just want a pretty place, we’ll have our own pastor there” WOW.