10 Wonderful Activities Every Catholic Family Can Do This Summer


If you are like me, you have realized that there is so much more you want to do with your family before school starts again. I am not just talking about the big family vacation to theme parks or campgrounds. I am talking about the small things that can create lasting memories. Below are some ideas I came up with that will hopefully bring joy to your family.


1. Go to Daily Mass



I am a stay at home parent and there really is no excuse for not taking my kids to daily mass, unless someone is puking. Daily mass is a great way for your family to spend quality time together and grow closer to God.  Daily mass is usually much shorter than Sunday mass, so your kids shouldn’t complain too much. One can hope, anyway.


2. Visit a shrine or go on a pilgrimage

New Hope Shrine of Our Lady Virgin of the Poor

This is something I have always wanted to do with my family.  If you’re not sure where to take your family just use your search engine online. We’ve already listed over 100 sites your family can choose from. 


3. Pray the Rosary daily

family rosary 01

Praying the Rosary is the strongest tool against the enemy, so why not bring your family together to benefit from the graces as well? My family does not do this enough and I want to change that.  Don’t expect all of your kids to sit quietly through the entire Rosary, which is why you may want to start out with saying a decade first. You can work your way up to finishing the entire Rosary in no time.


4. Go on a family retreat


This is definitely on top of my family to-do list. I’ve been on many retreats and have always felt rejuvenated afterwards. Imagine how a whole family can benefit from a retreat! Check out this link below to find a retreat or Catholic family camp near you.


5. Volunteer at your local parish


Many of you may already do this and can attest to importance of serving your community.  What greater way to bring your family closer together than to serve others through Christ?  Contact your parish office and ask how you and your family can get involved!


6. Make friends with other Catholic families


Having other Catholic families to call friends is so important to your family’s spiritual growth. You can all go to Mass together and spend time with each other, and share your love for the Catholic faith.  My wife and I truly value our friendships with other Catholic families and we love that our kids have Catholic friends to spend time with.


7. Create a sacred space in your yard


Does your family have a space at home dedicated to praying together? This can be a corner in the living room with your favorite icons, and maybe some candles. Why not dedicate a space outside while the weather is great? Find a nice place under a shady tree and plant some flowers. Place a nice statue of Christ and your favorite saint there and get the family together for a Rosary!


8. Go to Confession together

Unless you camp out in the chapel overnight, you’ll be waiting in line to go to Confession. It’s as if everyone is gunning for their chance to see One Direction first.

Not at the same time, obviously! Parents are charged with leading their kids to Christ, and what better way than to share in the sacraments together? Children benefit from seeing their parents go before Christ as a sinner, with the desire to amend their lives. Teach your kids to love confession by leading as an example.


9. Vacation Bible School

vbs prop

Many parishes either put on Vacation Bible School during the summer or do something similar. Sign up the kids and even volunteer yourself to help with the activities. It’s a great way to spend a few hours a day for a week getting closer to Christ!


10. Make Catholic arts and crafts


Okay so maybe you can’t paint a fresco, but you can still have fun. My kids love arts and crafts, but unfortunately I don’t.  I’m working on it, though. It’s important to encourage your kids to get their creative juices flowing and they love doing so with you. Check out the link below for some cool ideas!




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