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10 Dead Giveaways You’re a Catholic College Student

Starting spring semester this week like me? This one is for you. Here’s ten dead giveaways you’re a Catholic college student.

1. You planned your spring schedule to easily accommodate March for Life:

2009 March for Life

2. The doodles next to your notebook look like this:


3. You procrastinate on masstimes:

mass times

4. The list of books you ordered for this semester include more than just the list on the syllabus.


5. Instead of grad school applications, you spend your time applying to service sites. Thank you, Catholic Volunteer Network.


6. Overslept for mass at the Newman Center? No problem. You know the mass times of all the local parishes:

mass locations

7. Holy Days send you into a panic when trying to coordinate mass and class, but masstimes swoops in to save the day again.

holy days

 8. You go to the bar at the exact same time and day every week…


9. Every time you use social media, you see something like this:


10. You spent part of your winter break at SEEK. You probably plan to go to Encounter, too:


Besides these dead giveaways identifying you as a Catholic college student, be on the look out for other types of great giveaways from EpicPew!