10 Facts Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You To Know

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  • mam646

    I read that the city of Austin charges a local PP $1 fee to rent a city owned facility (on the east side of town). Disgusting.

    • MillRun

      stop lying. thank you.

    • Patricia Harp

      I read the same thing. I also read elsewhere that as far as services go for the Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region, Inc that in 2009 that they provided 57,889 birth control services. I didn’t see a separate line item for abortions. I’m guessing they’re lumping birth control and abortion all together as their web site says they do offer abortion services, they state how common abortion is and how they’re proud to offer abortion “services”. Some other services they provide, in the tiniest of print at the bottom: Provide referrels to other organizations for post abortion counseling.

      • They keep abortion and birth control separate. Everything involving BC is billed as separate items. Everything involving abortion is rolled into one. That way they can continue to claim abortion only accounts for a small percentage of their visits.

  • rjl

    I’ve been to Planned Parenthood and encountered none of the above, if anything they were very compassionate and understanding of my contraceptive needs, checked my iron levels and did a health exam. Besides, if you want to point out dishonest charges for medical service then I suggest that you also include the hospitals and other doctors for other health issues. It’s quite the game. Why only single out Planned Parenthood?

    • Patricia Harp

      See #7 in the list. They are being singled out because the majority of Planned Parenthood “services” intentionally kill people and they lie through their teeth to convince pregnant woman to abort their babies.

    • Because this is about abortion. If we were talking about trying to make plastic surgery illegal and the dangers of that industry, then we would single them out. Let’s concentrate on one thing at a time. And you want to know why they did all those things for you? $$$$
      Oh, even Abby was compassionate and nice to all customers that came to PP. It wasn’t just her job. But, when she realized PP and the people above her were corrupt, all the other truths started to come out.

    • AnneG

      Rules, to be very crude, all they care about is between your legs. Look at the video telling a 15 year old girl how to do BDSM.

      • rjl

        Are you saying that a public health facility taught a fifteen year old girl how to engage in BDSM? You know this for a fact?

        • AnneG

          Yes. See this YouTube video. But it is not suitable for kids.

        • I watched the video. To be fair, the undercover teenager brought up Fifty Shades. And the PP woman just took it from there. If I was in that woman’s position I would not recommend kinky sex to a teen who is just starting to explore sex. It would be advanced sex for someone on a beginner level.

          • rjl

            I don’t trust the video because it has been tampered with and content can be manipulated. There have been employees in the past that have violated rules and committed inappropriate acts and were fired after discovery. However, the vast majority of PP’s services are for contraception and treatment of STD’s and cancer screening. Only three percent of PP’s services are abortion services and some of those are medical abortions to save mom’s life. Furthermore, a Kansas attorney general demanded private medical records of women and made their information public. There are shady characters on both sides.

  • Arthur

    You know if you make serious accusations like this you need proof to back it up?

    • Patricia Harp

      The author of the list is a former Planned Parenthood Director. She’s been there, she knows. All the proof needed is her testimony. As far as deaths and atrocities at abortion clinics they are in the news.

      • Mahala Lettvin

        what if I testify that she’s wrong? Does that make me automatically right too?

        • Berzelius Windrip

          And your qualifications? How many years working inside a PP clinic?

    • lannej12@gmail.com

      Read her book, Won by Love.

    • Berzelius Windrip

      The proof is swarming around you in the informed comments here Arthur. We can lead the horse to water, the rest is up to you.

  • Doug Hurd

    Those who are in love with PP please give names and locations so the rest of us can find help.

  • Patricia Harp

    I find it interesting how Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization for tax status and not as a business status. As stated in the facts, they are in the business to make money and their biggest revenue generator is to perform abortions. Workers have been trained to “sell” abortions and have abortion quotas to meet. That means killing lots of people to meet their quotas and to bring in the money. They see pregnant woman walking through their doors as $$$ signs and their job is to turn every visit into revenue, to sell the woman on having an abortion and to discourage her from any thoughts of keeping her baby. No wonder PP doesn’t want to have to give informed consent because with truth and information given to these pregnant woman Planned Parenthood’s revenue would plummet. Most woman given the facts would not opt for killing their babies. Close that corrupt & evil organization down!

    • MillRun


      • Berzelius Windrip

        Then you pay for it MillRun, don’t force the rest of us to. Tell you what: post your address here and let me know where to send the invoice for my portion, money talks and you know what walks.

        • MillRun

          oooh, a stalker! go away now.

          • Berzelius Windrip

            That’s not a reply, stay away from the grown-ups unless you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is. We’re waiting…

          • MillRun

            you want money? go sell some pencils.

          • Berzelius Windrip

            Again, are you going to pay for the share of PP taxpayer support the rest of us don’t want to? We’re still waiting. Money talks, you know what walks. Or are you just another typical “progressive,” always ready to spend other people’s money? Again, we’re waiting…

  • USA Katie

    It’s founder, Obamas beloved Margret Sanger, opened up the clinics to rid the country of the ability of Blacks to procreate, as a means of social cleansing. She was a honored speaker at KKK gatherings as well as a Communist. Look it up. Facts.

    • Berzelius Windrip

      Interesting that abortion rights were championed by two people primarily: an evil old white racist and a dirty old white pornographer. The self-proclaimed amicus curiae for Roe V. Wade was none other than Hugh Hefner. Don’t take my word for it, take his, as he boasts to Esquire magazine here (hardly a pro-life or “right wing” publication). Do you suppose his idea of controlling women’s bodies conforms with those pushing abortion as part of women’s rights? Think it is coincidental that men like this want to make it easy for women to kill inconvenient babies after they are through using them? https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/interviews/a1229/esq0602-jun-wil/

  • Evan Keal

    Abby you are the best! – BTW The current black population is at around 14% in the US. It would way over 40% if it wasn’t for abortion. Blacks would not be a minority in the US today if it wasn’t for abortion

  • Berzelius Windrip

    She left out a lot. Like the fact that Planned Parenthood was started by a white racist who believed in racial cleansing through eugenics “science” and wanted fewer blacks and other “undesirables,” and also was an admire of Adolph Hitler’s (and vice versa). All you “fact checkers” here might want to read it from Margret Sanger’s own vile mouth:
    “We do not want the word
    to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the
    minister is the man who can straighten that idea out if it ever occurs
    to any of their more rebellious members.”

    • She didn’t leave it out, so much as going with current facts that are important right now. Abby has exposed the history dozens of other times. it’s important, but not for this list.

  • Berzelius Windrip

    “Stand with Planned Parenthood” and you stand with an organization built on the needs and agendas of white racists and pornographers. Sorry, it’s that simple, and you’re a fool if you fall for it.

  • Berzelius Windrip

    Hugh Hefner, boasting on his role as amicus curiae for Roe V. Wade. “Don’t worry little lady, if you get in trouble I’ll make sure you can ‘take care’ of it.” https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/interviews/a1229/esq0602-jun-wil/

  • Amber

    Planned Parenthood was my main healthcare provider for 5 years. I worked for a Christian non-profit group that did not pay very much. I could not afford health insurance and certainly not the costs of going to a “normal” doctors office. The majority of Planned Parenthood centers don’t even provide abortions. If you look on their website, they clearly state which ones do have that service and which ones don’t. The doctors I encountered had great bed-side manner and had talks with me about what I could afford. Everything in this article is made up and makes no sense. If you go in to a waiting room at a Planned Parenthood and look around, most people are their for health services, not because they are trying to kill babies. If you want to fight abortion, make the argument of why it is wrong, don’t just make blind attacks on an organization you obviously have no experience with.

    • Norman

      Obviously no experience with?… Abby was a planned parenthood director as stated multiple times above, her reasoning for her departure made the news and her conversion to Catholicism made the news too. Why abortion is wrong can be summed up in a sentence: It’s stopping and ending an innocent life.

      If one believes in the right to choose then hopefully they’d acknowledge that the most fundamental right to every choice one has in life, would be the right to life itself. Someone gets all their life choices unwillingly taken away during an abortion, not only is that wrong and especially wrong for the most vulnerable, but for any entity to make a single dime off that at all is; well, what would you call that Amber?

    • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

      If Planned Parenthood was concerned more about health care wound’t they just drop their 3% activity. From a business perspective why hold onto something that is only 3% of your service. Oh yeah that service brings in 30+% of revenue.

  • Ex Nihilo

    In the end every one us will have to account for our lives… Plato was no Christian and he declared… In the end, souls will stand naked before the judge. It no longer matters what they once were in history, but only what they are in truth.

  • kay

    Everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions when it comes to choosing a health facility that is right for them. While numerous planned parenthood sites do offer abortion services, this is the choice that the woman has made and does not mean that planned parenthood does not care about women’s health. An individuals choice about their health care should be made based on their own needs and beliefs. While planned parenthood does not support some beliefs, it does for others. It depends on the individual and is a reputable establishment based solely on the services it provides.

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