10 Facts Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You To Know


Many people ask why Planned Parenthood is so bad. I could go on and on about why no one should ever walk into a Planned Parenthood facility, but to make it easier on everyone, I thought I would make a list of reasons to avoid this dangerous and filthy organization. Save this, and share it with your friends.

1. Planned Parenthood isn’t interested in women’s health

They are only interested in money. Planned Parenthood sees women and they see dollar signs. They don’t care about your health. They only care about the services they can bill for your visit.


2. Planned Parenthood can’t provide the comprehensive health care that you may need

Their facilities only provide very limited gynecological care. If you have a lump in your breast, they can’t help you. If you have high blood pressure, you are out of luck. Diabetes? No go. Sinus infection? Move along. They can’t help you with the majority of things that you may be looking for. And if they find a problem during your visit, they will have to refer to a health facility that actually can help you. And no, not one Planned Parenthood on the planet provides mammograms.


3. Planned Parenthood is corrupt

Planned Parenthood has been and continues to be in multiple lawsuits involving fraud. They bill for services they never performed. They over-bill. They use their patients as part of their money making scheme. As my boss always said, “At Planned Parenthood, nonprofit is a tax status, not a business status.”


4. Planned Parenthood is not interested in keeping women safe

Planned Parenthood recently killed a woman named Tonya Reaves. She went to them for a legal abortion procedure and died. She didn’t have to die, but Planned Parenthood didn’t call an ambulance. They let this woman bleed out on the abortion clinic table for FIVE hours before they finally dialed 911…by that time, it was too late. In states where abortion safety regulations have been raised, Planned Parenthood facilities close. They aren’t interested in making the necessary changes to ensure patient safety. That should show you where their priorities are.


5. Planned Parenthood is unnecessary

There are more than ten thousand health care facilities across the country that provide health care for low income women. There are less than seven hundred Planned Parenthood facilities. Women don’t need Planned Parenthood for healthcare. We have plenty of other options.


6. Planned Parenthood is always trying to sell abortion

If you walk into a Planned Parenthood facility and you are pregnant, they will try to convince you to have an abortion. Why? Because they can’t make money off of you if you keep your baby…they don’t provide prenatal care. They can’t make money if you decide to place your baby for adoption. They ONLY make money if you have an abortion. They have been taught how to talk women into having an abortion. “You will never be able to finish school if you have a baby.” “You will be forced to take low paying jobs if you have a baby.” “It’s not even a baby right now. It’s just cells…it doesn’t feel anything.” “It is really hard to be a single parent.” “You better abort so you don’t have to walk this road alone.” They are slicker than used car salesmen. And let’s be honest, it’s not hard to sell an abortion to a woman who is feeling vulnerable. Our motto at Planned Parenthood went like this, “Turn every client visit into a revenue generating visit.” The only way to do that with a pregnant woman is to abort her baby. For more on abortion quotas, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAvqrBQInIg


7. Planned Parenthood kills hundreds of thousands of babies every year

It doesn’t matter how much “good” they do. They kill kids…every day…totaling to hundreds of thousands of them. You can’t give them a pass. If I was a good person, but killed 10 people every year, would you fight for my right to stay out of trouble? After all, I do so much good in my community. Of course not! But we aren’t talking about 10 people. We are talking about numbers that our brains can’t even comprehend. Even if you go to a facility that doesn’t provide abortions, you are still giving money to that industry just by being there. If you are complicit in funding Planned Parenthood, then you are complicit in abortion.


8. Planned Parenthood is expensive

Most Planned Parenthood centers charge over thirty dollars for a pregnancy test…some charge over forty dollars. Their tests are no better than the ones that you can buy at the dollar store. In fact, Planned Parenthood only pays twenty five CENTS for the pregnancy tests they order. AND, you can get a free pregnancy test from any pregnancy resource center. If you are a cash patient, they charge over two hundred dollars for STD testing. That’s not cheap. And if you are a Medicaid patient, they will run and charge for tests that you never even asked for. They will take advantage of you whether the money is coming out of your pocket or the taxpayer’s pockets.


9. Planned Parenthood thinks doctors are unnecessary

Doctors are only onsite if they are performing abortions. And some Planned Parenthood facilities don’t even have doctors performing abortions! If you go there for an exam, you won’t see a doctor. In fact, there won’t even be a doctor in the building. You deserve better healthcare.


10. Planned Parenthood does not believe in informed consent

Planned Parenthood HATES when women ask questions. That’s why they so vehemently oppose ultrasound legislation that would give women information about the baby in their womb. It’s the same reason they won’t tell a woman the physical and emotional risks of abortion when they are directly asked. Bottom line, Planned Parenthood thinks women are too STUPID to hear scientific information and make an informed decision. So instead of being honest, they lie over and over again…and their lies are deadly.


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