The 10 Best Twitter Reactions to the Knights of Columbus Regalia

10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to the Knights of Columbus Regalia Change

Last week at the annual Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced that the well-recognized 4th Degree uniforms of tuxedo, sword, capes, gloves, baldric, and colored chapeaus would soon be changed to a blue blazer, KC tie, grey pants, and beret.

Many are still quite fond of the old regalia, long associated with the pomp and circumstance of liturgical events at which Knights of Columbus were present as honor guard. But, according to Carl Anderson, the old regalia was a reason many members of the Knights of Columbus chose not to advance into the 4th degree, and they wanted to encourage modernization so as to further grow the Knights.

Reactions to the change were swift and passionate, to say the least. Articles began springing up across the internet, starting with the Diocese of Phoenix’s Catholic Sun and spanning to the NC Register.

Debates about the new uniform spread across the Internet and a few Catholic radio shows. Here are some of the best Twitter comments and reactions to the regalia change.




And, a bonus (and the best) for last:


Whatever you may think of the regalia change, it’s evident that folks were quite opinionated. But, perhaps it’s most important to remember that the Knights of Columbus are more focused on charity work than they are with fluffy hats and dull swords.

The Knights of Columbus are currently focusing efforts on rebuilding a town in Iraq, dedicating $2 million to this effort. They are hugely responsible for many valiant pro-life efforts across America, and many Knights in councils across the country volunteer countless hours to parish and diocesan events and efforts. Cape or no cape, the Knights should keep doing what they’re doing, and we should thank them for that.