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10 Great Reasons to be Catholic in 2015

Being Catholic is amazing, isn’t it?  Even after almost 2,000 years, not much has changed…we’re still a sign of contradiction in the world and the Church is still the Rock.  But sometimes it’s painfully clear that this earth is not our home and the culture isn’t exactly friendly to our faith.  But have no fear! Here are 10 great reasons to be Catholic in 2015.

1. The Mass

It was a great reason to be Catholic during the First Century too.  It has always been a great reason, probably the greatest reason.  Jesus Himself alive and in the Flesh.  Doesn’t get any better.

2. Catholic Teaching  

It is rooted in truth and not swayed by popular opinion.  

3. The Blessed Mother

Our Heavenly Mother understands that the world is getting us down and is always ready to comfort and intercede for us.

4. Confession  

When we speak uncharitably because people appear to have lost their minds, we can go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be forgiven and receive the grace to forgive and love others the way Jesus asked us.  Thank God for confession!

5. Pope Francis

The Successor to Peter is getting the faith talked about in even the most unlikely places.

6. Marriage Reality

Clear, unchanging teaching on the holy sacrament of matrimony– one man and one woman.

7. Courage Under Fire

Our Church does not flinch under cultural pressure. We pray to our martyrs for strength and guidance, knowing that being Catholic sometimes involves the weight of the cross.

8. We’re Still the Underdog

We don’t expect to win any popularity contests. The World Still Hates Us.   But remember, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first,” (John 15:18).

9. Preaching the Truth…

Our priests won’t be voting on doctrine and we know they will not be “marrying” same-sex couples. The Episcopalians did not waste any time.  They have already voted to allow religious weddings for same-sex couples.  But the Church will continue to teach the Truth…

10. …in Love

Hate is not preached.  We know that.  We are instructed commanded to love everyone but not to accept all behavior as equal.  This is not a problem for us because we know that this is how God treats us.  He loves us beyond measure, even while instructing us to turn from sin. Truth without love is an offense against the truth, and Love without truth isn’t love at all.

Even in 2015, it’s still great to be Catholic!