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10 Of The Most Ridiculously Cool Icons of Saints

Icons are supposed to tell us about a saint while also pointing us toward the greater mystery of God and heaven. Icons lift us up just as their subjects lift us up. So, here are ten of the coolest icons of saints we could find—to lift you up!

1. St. Moses the Black

As badass in his icon as he was in real life.

2. St. Gertrude of Nivelles

She’s got a cat with her in her icon!!

3. St. Olga

Her icon is just stunning!

4. St. Peter

Something that makes this icon of him super cool is that he’s young.

5. St. Bernard of Clairvaux

He’s. Being. Breastfed. By. The. Blessed. Virgin. Mary!! That icon is iconic!

6. St. Anastasia

Pretty in pink <3

7. St. George

This is such a cool illustration of the legend of Saint George

8. St. Margaret of Antioch

Another dragon legend! St. Margaret freed herself from the belly of a dragon. She’s so serene in this icon!

9. St. Mercurius

Okay, he’s wielding two swords! Two!! While on horseback!

10. St. Mary of Egypt

I’ve got two words for you: purple hair! (Yes, I do know that’s an artistic representation of gray hair, but still makes her icon cool!)

Featured image: The Vision of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Ayala y Cabrera, Josefa de, called Josefa de Obidos; 1630–1684.