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10 Quotes The Saints Definitely Didn’t Say

Most people are a little wary about sharing saint quotes they find online because many are often erroneously credited to them. The quote may be a good one but not knowing whether a particular person said it or not can be quite the gamble, especially if you don’t confirm it yourself. It’s a little humbling and embarrassing to be called out by an online stranger who is a major fan of whichever saint you just misquoted.

Thankfully, we are here to help you by sharing with you ten quotes we’re 99.9% sure the following saints never said.


“Hmmm… how can I make sure everyone knows all about me and all the good things I do for others? The world must know how fabulous I am!” – St. Therese of Lisieux.


“You guys do what you want. I’m going to stay here and do my thing because I have bigger fish to fry.” – St. Peter


“Does this suit of armor make me look too masculine? Does it come in pink or a floral pattern? Can you guys give me a chance to powder my nose before we go into battle?” – St. Joan of Arc


“*sneezes* Get these animals away from me!” – St. Francis of Assisi


“Reform an entire order? That sounds way too hard. I’m getting a headache again, so I just want to stay put. Can’t I just sit here and write a book instead?” – St. Teresa of Avila


“Well, Augustine is a grown man. I love the son of mine but he’s got to make his own path in life.” – St. Monica


“Snakes?! Eww . . .  eww . . . eww . . . They’re all so gross and slimy. Get it away from me! Ewe . . . eww . . . eww!” – St. Patrick


“Yo! This beat is dope! Crank up the bass!” – St. Cecilia


“I’m tired of suffering.” – St. Padre Pio


“Finally! I’ve been waiting so long to finally have my voice heard! Now, where do I start…?” — St. Joseph

Of course, the saints didn’t say these things. They might have said these things if they didn’t know God or lost hope, but they didn’t They persevered, just as we must.