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10 Reasons it’s Great to be Catholic

Vatican II’s Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio tell us about non-Catholic Christians,

Nor should we forget that anything wrought by the grace of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of our separated brethren can be a help to our own edification. Whatever is truly Christian is never contrary to what genuinely belongs to the faith; indeed, it can always bring a deeper realization of the mystery of Christ and the Church. (4)

Buuuuuuut it is good to be Catholic, eh? We love our faith, and here’s 10 reasons why it’s good to be Catholic:


1. The Eucharist; the source and summit of the Christian life. Nothing better.


2. Mass; every day, everywhere, one size fits all.


3. Holy Water; blessing the hell out of everything.


4. The Blessed Mother. She’s got our back and God’s ear.


5. Stained glass windows; keeping the surrounding neighborhood out and inspiration in.

6. Family. Ours includes Angels and Saints and we like to keep in touch.



7. Great prayers. Being Catholic means never having to ramble when we run out of conversation.



8. Confession. It takes a load off your heart and soul. Sacramental grace thrown in for free.

9. Feast Days. Celebrations around every corner! Mentoring and intercessory prayers included.



10. St. Michael the Archangel; kicking butt like no one’s business.