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10 Reasons to Date a Good Catholic Boy

I think there came a point where we all realized that a bar was the worst place to meet our future spouse (no offense to any of you for whom THAT worked out).  Maybe our grandparents were right.  Wanna meet a nice boy?  Get thee to Church! Here are the top 10 reasons to date a good Catholic boy (and eventually marry him).

1.They always know which fast food restaurants have the best fish items

This is crucial life info, ladies.  Fridays don’t have to be dull when your good Catholic boy has the inside scoop on the Friday fish sitch.  If you really want to impress, show him you already know where to go. Here’s a good run down. 

2. They know how to honor their Mother

BOTH moms…the one that gave birth to him and the one who gave birth to his savior.  If he knows how to honor mom, he’ll know how to honor you like a good Catholic boy.


3. Forgivness


Made a mistake? Did something wrong? Said “And also with you”? A Catholic boy knows the importance of forgiving others; especially those whom they love.

4. Sundays

You know where they’ll be on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. You don’t have to worry about them sitting all day in front of the TV yelling at the game. Even if they are huge football fans, you’ll have at least an hour of rest. Plus Mass dates are awesome. See #5 for why they are ideal dates.

5. Mass Dates

They know how to set the mood: Where else can you get better lighting with candles and incense burning? The table is set and you are about to partake in a very fulfilling meal. Plus at one point you can hold hands. Great possible discussion afterwards.

6. Theology of the Body…’nuff said

But since we’re on the topic, let’s say a bit more.  A good Catholic boy will respect you and your body for the crazy amazing, complex, intricate, and beautiful gift from God that it is.  A good Catholic boy knows that you complete him and it’s no good for him to be alone (even God recognized that).  A good Catholic boy won’t want you to ingest carcinogenic hormones just so he can have sex with you whenever he wants.  Why not?  Because he’s a good Catholic boy.

7. Role Models

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 4.04.09 PM

As they Honor their Mother; they have the BEST fatherly role models to look up to. 

8. Praying for you

Good Catholic boys are taught to pray for their vocation and/or their future spouse. “Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But I’ve been praying for you. So let’s pray hourly.” Check out this prayer for a future spouse.

9. Mea Culpa


They know how to admit when they are at fault: That’s why they’re always going to confession…and inviting you to go.

10.  Latin is hot

Hoc est corpus meum. (Hawk–est–core-poos–may-oohm)

This is my body. If he knows what this means, you’ve pretty much found your good Catholic boy.