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10 Things St. Joseph Probably Said

We don’t have any written record of anything the St. Joseph said. Sure, there have been visions of St. Joseph to certain seers over the past few millennia, but those are private revelations and the faithful do not have to believe them.

I like to think that Joe was a pretty normal guy, set apart and chosen to do the most extraordinary thing a man could ever do – be the foster father to the Son of God. Arguably the greatest and most manliest man who ever lived, Joseph’s example becomes the standard for husbands and fathers for all time.

Now, I’m no seer, but I’d like to think that these words made their way out of his mouth. Their ordinariness, to me at least, is comforting. Here could be some of the things that St. Joseph probably said while he was here on earth.


1. “Good morning, family!”



2. “Jesus, will you hand me that planing tool?”

 Joe & JC & wood


3. “I love you.”

 Joe & baby JC Love U


4. “Let me hold the boy for you, Mary.”

 Joe holding baby JC


5. “It sure was hot today in the workshop.”

 Joe warm in workshop


6. “Careful with those nails, son.”

 joe JC & nails


7. “Let us build something nice for your mother together.”

 joe & JC in the shop


8. “Hold my hand, son.”

 Joe & JC walking


9. “You read the Torah so well, Yeshua. I am very proud of you.”

 Joe & JC reading Torah


10. “Listen to your Mother.”

joe talking to JC