11 Times Jesus Took Demons Seriously–And Why You Should Too!

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  • Roman Flores

    It’s important to note the footnote to Mark 9:14-29 denotes the importance of fasting in deliverance ministry:

    * [9:29] This kind can only come out through prayer: a variant reading adds “and through fasting.”

    This is why exorcists fast before doing this type of God’s work in a solemn exorcism. Exorcisms are only to be done by special exorcist priests, only with approval of their bishop, and only after extensive psychological evaluations as well as other evaluations.

    Likewise, deliverance ministry should only be done under the direction of a priest very experienced in deliverance ministry (preferably an exorcist priest).

    Yet as the Body of Christ – the Church, redeemed by His grace – can, to a certain extent, rebuke and cast out evil spirits in the name of Jesus Christ. Only exorcist priests can do so in the name of the Church and with her authority (again, as approved by their bishop).

    • David

      Only God has authority over demons, and he gave it to ALL believers (Mark 16:17, Luke 10:17-19). Bishops and Priests have no authority to give to us to do this, only God. There is no special position to be in to cast out demons except to be a follower of Christ. Show me where the word of God says otherwise? Show me where extensive psychological evaluations are required? Show me where the word of God defines what a special exorcist priest is? Show me where the word of God requires not Jesus, but another man as high priest over the the church?

      • Roman Flores

        No one has time for your disbelief in God’s plan for man via HIS one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. The Sola scriptura which you subscribe to is a heresy. It supposes that God does not or perhaps did not further instruct His faithful from however many centuries it took for your man-made sect of Christianity to spring up, be it from Luther, Calvin or any of the others afterward. The Roman Catholic Church is and will always be the ONLY church on earth founded directly by Christ himself on the apostle Peter, and it will ALWAYS be the seat of Christ’s authority, the pope being the Vicar of Christ but nowhere on the level of Christ himself. If you want to learn more step out of your comfort zone and the theology which you’ve been taught or devised by yourself and learn not only did God send His son to forgive our sins, but then the Son sent the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, to rest upon and build up His Church, the Church he had already founded on Peter and the other 11 apostles.

        If you disagree otherwise that is your loss of interpretation of God’s word by lack of obedience to God’s actual plan, not mine. Your human understanding of theology and God’s plans for man will always be lacking until you submit your intellect and will via humility so that God Himself to reveal these things to you by His Holy Spirit. Once you do that God will lead you to the same conclusions which He had led his holy Catholic Church over the last 2,000 years. The Word of God was made flesh, the inspired writings of holy scripture came later. How can one understand God if you are not open enough to Him for Him to actually reveal to you what these scriptures mean? You can’t. No one can, for apart from Christ we can do nothing!

        I hope your misunderstandings and misinterpretations of scripture do not hold you back from a more full relationship with God throughout your whole life. I’ll pray for you brother, you have a long road ahead until you come to the FULLNESS of God’s truth.

        • Heidi


        • Roger C. Thibault

          Amen to Roman Flores reply! Praised be Jesus and Mary, now and forever, Amen! That’s a standard Irish greeting/response from 125 years ago or so. It should become so again everywhere
          today! RogerCThibault@gmail.com

          • Esther Greene

            As an Irishwoman, who lives in Ireland, I can tell you that nearly all standard Irish greetings/responses were in the Irish language 125 years ago. Most of them fit into the situations in which the people lived, struggled to survive, and worked. I suggest you do some research and see the wisdom in most of them — the wisdom that never judges anybody and is all-embracing and uplifting.

        • Esther Greene

          Roman Flores, you have absolutely no right whatsoever to judge David, to tell him how he should go about his spiritual life, and to preach to him in this way. Maybe God looks on him more favourably than on you — think about that — and pray for humility while you’re at it.

      • Christopher

        Here it is in ‘The Word” the proof that you ask. Not only did Christ give men/Apostles the right to forgive sins but he also gave men/Apostles the right to cast out demons. Unless you think the Bible is lying. See below:
        To prove he had power to forgive sins Christ healed the paralytic. Then Matthew 9:8 says “When the crowds saw this they were struck with awe and glorified God who had given such authority to human beings”. after that in the next Chapter 10 of Matthew’s Gospel Christ gave the Apostles, who by succession are the priests of the Catholic Church today, the power to cast out demons. Please note even Judas was given this power! Just as bad priest today have this power.
        See Matthew 10 verse 1.
        “Then he summoned his twelve disciples* and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and to cure every disease and every illness.a
        2.The names of the twelve apostles* are these: first, Simon called Peter, and his brother Andrew; James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John;
        3.Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddeus;
        4.Simon the Cananean, and Judas Iscariot who betrayed him”

      • Christopher

        Your quotes are taken out of context, of course, so no wonder you have erroneous thinking. The quotes from you quote from the Bible are when Christ was speaking to His Apostles(future Bishops and priests) and NOT to ordinary people. In your Luke quote Christ was speaking to His 72 followers. Your Mark Quote Christ was The Commissioning of the Eleven!

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  • Pablo U Hunni

    Yes Jesus gave the original Apostles the authority to do works in his name. You must also note that often they could not do the work. You must also note that initially that authority was given to them so others would know they were being sent of God. Those gifts faded away as the church grew. Sorry but the Catholic church has NO special authority and Mary most certainly does NOT either. She was a sinner as all of us are. The priests in Jesus time were Jewish not catholic. Sorry the authority comes straight from God to whom HE choses.

    • Jesusgirl04

      Thank you Pablo. I was at a gathering of Christian women for a praise and worship service several years ago as a very young Christian (although I was not a young woman myself-just young in the Lord). It became obvious to the ladies gathered that one among us had an unclean spirit. It’s certainly not something I ever experienced. This woman lay on the floor, shuddering, with deep guttural sounds coming from her. Her neck kept swelling up like a large bubble and her back would look like she was doing back bends. At one point her shoes literally flew off her feet. These women surrounded her, prayed, layed hands on her and commanded that spirit to leave. And after a long while she was delivered. That experience left a lasting impression on me and the sheer power of God working through obedient people.

      • Christopher

        Educate yourself and don’t play with the devil without a Catholic priest!

    • Christopher

      Sorry back at you friend! Here’s the truth. Christ set up that teaching organism call “the Catholic Church” with St. Peter and his successors to be His official custodian of truth and doctrine under the New Law. Accordingly, He promise to safeguard the Church from error (Read John 1:14;14:16 1 John 5:20 John 14:17;15:26 16:13 John 8:32 17;17 2 John 1-3). To that Church alone, and not to a book or private individual did he say “Teach ye all nation…I will be with you” (Matthew 28:20) But He said, “He who will not hear “The Church”, let him be to thee as a heathen and Publican” (Matthew 18:17). And He said of His Church that, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).Here’s where people get confused. Scandal is not the same as error. There have always been scandal in the Catholic Church. In fact, Judas was the first scandal of the Church! Can you see the headlines today? Christ’s hand picked Apostle who He gave the power to forgive sins and cure disease (see Matthew 9:8 then see Matthew 10:1) sells Him out for money and then commits suicide! And Peter swore to falsehoods. James and John quarreled over supremacy. The Catholic Church is made up from men not angels! So having a bad Bishop or even Pope is not new in our history. However, all priests and bishops are not bad even if their profession is “infiltrated” as some say. That would be like saying doctors who commit malpractice, and there are more than plenty, make all doctors bad and their profession worthless, which is ridiculous on its face. Yes, there were abuses in the Church then, as there are today, and as there always will be. But, “Blessed is he who shall not be scandalized in Me” (Luke 7:23). Christ did not guarantee His Church from SCANDAL, but from ERROR: “When He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will teach you all truth”(John 16:13).
      Remember Christ did NOT say “Thou art Luther , Henry VIII, Calvin, Knox etc, and upon this Rock I will build my Church”! The Holy Sprit did not go on vacation for 1500 years and then enlighten some men of His truth. That’s ridiculous on its face too. “St. Peter warned of false churches. He said, “Among you there will be lying teachers who will bring in destructive sects… and many will follow…” (2 Peter 2:1,2)

    • Christopher

      The angel said “Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with you (lk 1:28)! If the Lord was with her then when did she sin? Do you in your arrogance claim to know? When the Eternal Word took flesh He took flesh from her (Jn1:14). And here’s a thought. Use an encyclopedia to understand context of the Bible. So when St. Paul says “all have sinned, for example, the word “all” (pas in Greek) doesn’t always mean literally “every single person”. It is a matter of a common Jewish idiom. So when you read Psalm 14:3 which reads “all have gone astray” See also Ps 15:2 who refers to those who “walk without blame”.Obviously, then, the lament in Ps 14-2-3 is emotional and exaggerated language, not intended as literal utterance. St. Paul often refers to these sort passages so by logic the interpretation of his words should be taken in this manner. Moreover, in Hebrews 4:14-15 we note that Jesus, who shared our human nature, was without sin so this fact alone should demonstrate that St Paul cannot mean that “every single human being has sinned”. Mary was not saved out of sin but rather saved from sin.(See Lk 1:47) Get it right!

  • Dennis

    Praise God ,Roman Flores,that you brought up the Fasting.The reading and various Translations ALWAYS said-“this type requires Prayer AND Fasting”.It’s one of the worst Omissions being spread in the Readings in these recent years.As to priests and Bishops being the only ones who can cast out demons,that is Religious Error,Incorrect,and Ridiculous.Fr. Gabriele Amorth sends 90% of the people who come seeking Exorcism to Charismatic Groups for simple Deliverance Prayer.I am a Daily Communicant and have been in Deliverance Ministry for 20 years,and cast demons out of people and places literally every day. I have met all kinds of wonderful people from many Christian Denominations who cast demons out.Not all Protestants hate Catholics,and Catholics should not believe Jesus does not respond to prayers outside of the Catholic Church.Again-that is EXTREME Religious Error!We are all under attack-why would we not have the ability to pray evil off and out of ourselves and others?Legalism is a very big problem in our church(and the main thing Jesus was mad about while on earth-our church is full of too many lawyers).Fr Amorth says he has never met even one Bishop that has even ATTENDED an exorcism.Making people wait 2 years and going through batteries of tests with goofy psychiatrists(which is really a false religion-the most widely accepted Belief System in the world now) is a serious Injustice.The Church is still not following it’s own Canon Law by having 2 Exorcists per Diocese,a few years back there were only 6 in the country!God Bless anyone willing to join the Battle and Fight the Good Fight.The thing our Church and world is lacking most is Understanding and Practice of Deliverance,The Ritual of Exorcism is for Full-Blown Possessed people and can take 5-8 years of repeated sessions.In the meantime the world is drowning in Evil…..