15 Recipes Inspired By Your Favorite Saints

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  • Shannon Marie Federoff

    For St. Francis’ lentils… make sure you WOLF them down!

    • TanichcaF

      *groan* And now the whole internet knows I get my awful sense of humor from my mother.

  • Thanks for including my pancake recipe Tatiana / Epic Pew! This is a great list!

    Chocolates & Chai

    • TanichcaF

      They looked absolutely delicious and I couldn’t help but add them in! Yum!

  • Cody

    St. Francis evidently had a certain almond cookie of which he was fond. In fact, on his deathbed, he evidently sent one of his friars to fetch one for him. In any case, when I was in Assisi on the feast day every bakery seemed to sell them. Very bready with raisins and almonds. There are several recipes floating around on the internet, but none of them seem quite right, so I’ll leave it to others to pick a recipe.

  • Sylvia Fiolunka

    Thank you for including my beef stew 😉