22 Things That Happen When Your Big Catholic Family is Together for Christmas

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  • Shaun McAfee

    the best

  • Susan Anne

    Tatiana, this was awesome to read! I laughed my way through with one of my older sons. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your BIG FAMILY!

  • Thomas Sharpe

    #23. There’s talk of NFP, but no talk of “Catholic” school, because no one who has been open to life with more than 1 or 2 children can now afford it-

    • TanichcaF

      Homeschooling is fun! Our mother homeschooled all 11 of my siblings and i. And, in some dioceses such as Lincoln in Nebraska, Catholic schools are quite affordable even for large families. ~the author

      • Thomas Sharpe

        Homeschool and public school are generally the only options, for those with more than 1 or 2 children…