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27 Reasons Why World Youth Day Was Definitely the Most Boring Event of the Summer

1. World Youth day was a bore this year, no one showed up 


2. They must have all had other summer plans


3. No one got close to Pope Francis at all


4. It’s like he wasn’t even there


5. He pretty much ignored everyone


6. In fact, everyone who went was depressed

Young nuns laughing in the rain at World Youth Day, KrakówWorld Youth Day is a bit of a misnomer, as events spread over a week or more There’s lots of activity, much of it outdoors. It has rained at different moments throughout, it’s exhausting but the laughter goes on.Photograph: Mazur/GuardianWitness


7. Probably because the food was disgusting


8. And the rain. It ruined EVERYTHING


9. Soggy. Wet. Grumpy people


10. And no one could understand all the languages

Nuns tuning into Pope FrancisPhotograph: Arkadiusz Juszczak


11. Yeah, everyone hated it for sure


12. Plus no one talked about the saints


13. They basically ignored them


14. Especially Saint Pope John Paul II


15.  You would never have known it was the Year of Mercy


16. No one even mentioned Divine Mercy


17. None of the world’s countries were represented


18. There was no time to rest and enjoy the company


19. No one famous was there


20. And the entertainment sucked


21. I mean, Matt Maher and Audrey Assad? LAME!


22. No one had any fun


23. To top it all off, the architecture in Krakow is … yuck


24. Can you imagine having to look at this?


25. World Youth Day was basically the worst


26. If you didn’t go, you didn’t miss anything. At. All.


27. Young people are DONE with the Catholic Church for sure