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These 5 Catholic Summer Camps Will Banish Your Winter Blues and Light Up Your Heart

Winter is crazy.  There is snow, ice storms, and winter weather advisories to worry about. If you are feeling the winter blues settle in, don’t lose heart! Check out these amazing Catholic summer camps and let thoughts of adventures, mountains, and the summer air blowing through your hair give you hope…even if there are inches of snow outside your window right now.


1.  Camp Wojtyla, Colorado 

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Camp Wojtyla is found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and named after the pope who loved to hike.  Campers climb a 13,000 foot mountain and learn about God and themselves.  During the night, camp goers sleep in teepees so that the sounds of nature can be enjoyed even more.  Every day’s activities offer different ways for young men and women to become the better version of themselves. They offer a variety of programs for campers middle school age through high school.


2. The Pines Catholic Camp, Texas 

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The Pines is the only co-ed America Camp Association accredited Catholic summer camp in the southwest.  The camp days start off with morning prayer, followed by time in the great outdoors playing capture the flag or hanging out in the water, cooling off from the Texas heat. At the end of the night, campers have time to go to confession and adoration, ending the evening with meaningful conversations about life and faith in the cabins.


3. Restore Mission Camps by Life Teen, Louisiana  

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Restore Mission Camps were founded to help the state of Louisiana heal after the 2016 floods.  The campers will work throughout the day on large and small rebuilding projects.  After helping the community, campers also get an opportunity to grow closer to God and let him heal and restore their hearts and souls.  Mass, confession, adoration, praise and worship, and prayer are all integrated into the campers’ day.  Each night also features a speaker who encourage campers to grow closer to God and each other during their time in Louisiana.


4. Conquest Summer Camps, US and Canada

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Uniquely set up for Catholic boys age 5th -12th grade all over the United States and Canada. Days are spent in the great outdoors swimming, climbing, and hiking.  Nights are spent learning more about the Catholic faith and strengthening their souls through adoration, Mass, and confession. Conquest has run camps for the past 15 years, and also have a girls’ sister program called Challenge.


5. Catholic Apologetics Summer Camp, United States 

Image result for catholic apologetics camp summerThis Catholic summer camp focuses on teaching campers age 15-18 how to defend their faith precisely and charitably.  Campers spend time learning from Patrick Madrid, the famed Catholic apologist, as well as other instructors. Past speakers have included Matt Fradd, Jim Burnham, and Melanie Pritchard.  This camp boasts of leading several campers to their religious vocation as well!