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5 Ways to Keep Your Summer Holy

It’s summertime and that means schedules are more relaxed, we (usually) travel more often, and we can just get thrown off track in general. But that doesn’t mean your spiritual life needs to suffer! There are still so many ways to not only maintain your spiritual life but also boost it! Here are five ideas to keep you going strong this summer.

1. Pray a novena


There are all sorts of novenas to all different saints and titles of Mary and Jesus, so you’ll have no supply issues here! A novena is great because it’s only nine days long, short and to the point, and not a huge time commitment. Praying a novena will really launch you into a deeper relationship with the saint and with Jesus. Win-win! After you tackle a nine day novena or two, you’ll be ready to tackle the fifty-two day rosary novena for that one big thing in your life.

2. Pick a patron saint for your summer


If you’re going to be traveling a lot, St. Christopher is obviously your man. Or maybe you’ll be going through a lot of airports. In that case St. Joseph Cupertino works for the actual flights and St. Anthony will help make sure your luggage doesn’t get lost. Maybe you’re taking classes over the summer! In that case, maybe buddying up to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is in order. Whatever your pursuits this summer, there is a saint ready to walk by your side. Pick someone and get to know them better. Summer is also a time for making new friends!

3. Visit another parish


Normally this is discouraged unless you’re on vacation but there’s merit to it in the summertime. It’s always good to see how our sisters and brothers in other parishes worship. It reminds us that Catholic really does mean “universal” and that we can come to God in the multitude of ways that He created us. Seeing how others worship will also bolster you in your own practices or maybe open you to new ways!

4. Pick a new prayer practice


Have you been wanting to get into the Liturgy of the Hours? Do you want to make praying the rosary part of your daily routine? Have you been wanting to try something new? Summer is the perfect time for this! With looser schedules, it is easier to try something new or add a new practice to your routine. Experiment and have fun! Part of prayer is finding the way that’s best for us to come to God, which can change depending on the season of your life. Give yourself time to explore your options and see how God is most clearly talking to you.

5. Decorate with some new religious art


Much like picking a new prayer practice, getting a new piece of religious art can reinvigorate your prayer and spiritual life. Having a new visual helps you to look at the saints and prayer in a new light, which helps you grow closer to the saints and to God. The Modern Saints has some incredible and cool depictions of the saints and Rose Harrington has some cool, more abstract art, among other types.

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