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6 Books for Your Catholic Summer Reading List

School will be out soon, making for (hopefully) some rest and calm on the home front for moms and dads. College students have made their way home, with lots of free time on their hands. Folks are jetting off for long-needed, well-earned vacations and we’re all staying up later while the sun is high in the sky.

So, to keep you occupied on your porch, engaged while on a summer road trip, or just to help you rest at the end of a long summer day, here are five new (and excellent) Catholic books to add to your reading list for the coming summer months. 

Be Brave in the Scared

by Mary Lenaburg (Ave Maria Press) 

Mary Lenaburg’s first book from Ave Maria Press, Be Brave in the Scaredis the beautiful story of Mary caring for her severely disabled daughter, Courtney.  A story of trust, especially poignant for parents who find themselves facing trials on both a big and small scale, this debut book from Mary is both well written and deeply moving. 

Grab a copy here.

Spirit and Life: The Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church

by Rose Rea (Sophia Institute Press) 

Every coffee table needs a book, and why not add this one to yours? Rose Rea takes a beautiful look at the Sacraments of the Church, through beautiful photographs, poignant reflections, and references to Scripture and the Catechism. Rose leads readers through a visually stunning and theologically rich journey of the seven sacraments, giving readers a new appreciation of the outward signs of the invisible realities of our Faith. 

Grab a copy here.

From Fire, by Water

by Sohrab Ahmari (Ignatius Press) 

A writer for the New York Post and contributing editor of the Catholic Herald, Sohrab Ahmari shares the remarkable story of his conversion from atheism in Iran to Catholicism. A compelling and riveting read, Ahmari minces no words at explaining what drew him to the Church, what keeps him Catholic today, and why we should all pay attention to the Eucharist and its immense power. 

Grab a copy here.

61 Minutes to a Miracle: The True Story of a Family’s Devotion

by Bonnie L. Engstrom (Our Sunday Visitor) 

Bonnie L. Engstrom’s newest book (available for pre-order) tells the tale of the miraculous healing of her son, James Fulton, born stillborn in September of 2010. In the 61 minutes that her son didn’t have a heartbeat, the Engstroms prayed intentionally for the intercession of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, and their son was miraculously healed. This book will move hearts and change lives. 

Pre-order a copy here.

Chasing Humility: 8 Ways to Shape a Christian Heart

y Joel Stepanek (Ave Maria Press)

No one wants to be humble, and Joel Stepanek’s first book from Ave Maria Press tackles that very problem. We don’t want humility, but we’re called to humility. The balance of those two facts leads to holiness. Simple, yet rich with insight, Stepanek looks through the lens of his life on how to unpack and explore the powerful prayer we should pray each day, the Litany of Humility.

Grab a copy here.

Rise Up: Shining with Virtue

from Blessed is She 

A collection of beautiful reflections on 15 different virtues, Rise Up is the perfect summer companion for kids. Taking on the virtues taught by St. Thomas Aquinas, this great little book is packed with quotes, prayers, Scripture, and easy to digest reflections that help kids learn about the faith and how to live their life, for the Lord, day by day. 

Grab a copy here.