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7 Catholic Planners That Will Help You in the New Year

With January just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you want to organize yourself in the New Year. What better way to do that than with a Catholic planner?

Pen and paper planners have become more and more popular in recent years. The tactile quality of pen and paper can help give us reprieve from a world inundated with technology, and science shows that we remember things better when we write them down. Having a physical product can help us visualize our goals and schedules more easily—not to mention, writing things down can be downright therapeutic. 

Choosing a Catholic planner can help us organize not only our physical, day-to-day lives but our spiritual lives as well. Catholic planners tend to come with lots of features, including space to write prayer intentions, reminders to start certain novenas, Church feast days and liturgical seasons, and more. 

Here are seven Catholic planners to consider for the coming year.

1. Blessed is She Liturgical Planner

Blessed is She

The Blessed is She liturgical planner is a classic, and chances are, if you’ve hung around the online Catholic sphere long enough, you’ve probably heard of it. And for good reason. The Blessed is She planner is well made and beautifully designed. 

According to the Blessed is She website, some of the planner’s features include:

  • A monthly planning layout (including Church feast days)
  • A weekly planning layout
  • An hourly layout for every single day
  • Tabs for each month
  • A place to write to-dos, grocery lists, meal plans, notes, and prayer intentions
  • Reminders to start specific novenas
  • Liturgical colors for the entire year
  • Hand-lettered bible verses 
  • Saints of the day and month

You can find the Blessed is She Planner here.

2. Tea with Tolkien Planner

Tea with Tolkien

Tolkien fanatics and bookish Catholics alike will find a lot to love in Tea with Tolkien’s newly released planner. Though not a “Catholic” planner per se, Tea with Tolkien’s planner does include some Catholic elements. According to Tea with Tolkien’s FAQ section, the planner is made to be used by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. “We’re inspired by Tolkien’s Catholic faith in many ways,” said Kaitlyn Facista of the Tea with Tolkien blog and the creator of its associated planner, “and this planner includes a few references to his faith in the weekly challenges page.” The planner is not dated, which makes it easy to add liturgical dates yourself. 

According to Tea with Tolkien’s website, features include:

  • 30 weekly challenges, plus room to add your own
  • Space for goal-planning
  • Memorization pages
  • A to-be-read page featuring original artwork: fill in the books on your to-be-read list
  • Book club pages
  • A reading schedule to read “The Lord of the Rings” in a year
  • Introduction to Tolkien’s shorter works
  • Meal planning pages
  • Weekly rhythm pages
  • A year at a glance
  • 12 monthly spreads, with 5 weekly spreads per month
  • Dot grid pages at the end of every month
  • Notes pages at the end of the planner

You can find the Tea with Tolkien Planner here.

3. The Catholic Planner

The Catholic Planner

The Catholic Planner is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a more minimalist design, and the planner’s “weekly retreat” section sets it apart. Each week, the Catholic Planner includes space to reflect on God’s Word and journal about a time when you were in awe of God’s presence in your life, as well as a spot to record and track goals and habits.

According to the Catholic Planner’s website, some planner features include: 

  • Habits & rituals tracker
  • Sunday Mass readings
  • Liturgical calendar with Saint feast days
  • A path to Sainthood guide
  • A lenten guide
  • Saints of the month

You can find the Catholic Planner here.

4. Theology of the Home Planner

The Catholic Company

The Theology of the Home planner is perfect for anyone hoping to live more intentionally within their own home. The planner itself is beautifully designed and is filled with reflections to help you bring more beauty and grace into your home and your life. 

According to TAN Books, some features of this planner include:

  • Liturgical calendar highlights and saint feast days
  • Images and excerpts from Theology of Home
  • Full-color interior and spiral binding
  • Quotes from the saints
  • An elegant, airy, and professional design
  • Plenty of space for notes, reminders, and events
  • Includes monthly and weekly layouts

You can find the Theology of Home Planner here.

5. Daybook

Catholic Sistas

If you want a planner with all the bells and whistles, look no further than Daybook, made by Catholic Sistas. Daybook is designed to combine a more traditional planner layout with the creativity and flexibility of bullet journaling. In particular, Daybook’s “spiritual sketch” pages make it a must-have for spiritual planning.

Some features, according to the Catholic Sistas’ Etsy page, include:

  • Year at a glance
  • 12 month-at-a-glance pages
  • Monthly goals
  • Papal intentions
  • Holy Day of Obligation reminders
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Saint quotes
  • Water trackers
  • Notes/to-do sheets for each month
  • A key sheet for bullet journaling or color coding
  • A pen test sheet on bullet paper
  • Spiritual sketch pages
  • Friends, family, & acquaintances info sheets
  • Birthdays & anniversaries list
  • Space for gift lists
  • Space for to-do lists
  • Space to keep track of website logins
  • A Prayer section with verses from scripture, quotes from saints, & references pulled from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as a truncated list of common prayers.
  • An Examination of Conscience section 
  • A books to-read list tracker 

You can find the Daybook Planner here.

6. The Saintmaker Life Planner

The Saintmaker Planner

The Saintmaker Planner is a Catholic planner based on the lives of the Saints. This “life planner” is perfect for any Catholic who wants to dig deep into their faith-life, personal goals, and productivity. The Saintmaker is a seasonally based planner that can be bought each season (winter, spring, fall, summer) or as a subscription.

According to the Saintmaker website, some of the planner’s features include:

  • Advanced seasonal reflections, an Ideal Week planner, and five goal-setting pages to set a strong spiritual direction for the season
  • Monthly calendars including all feast days, devotional days of abstinence and fasting, and all holy days of obligation 
  • Exclusive Saintmaker checklists to plan and stay accountable in your prayer life, your devotional life, and your personal and work-life
  • Planning pages, including your Daily Cross, Daily Devotions, To-Dos, Spiritual Goals, and Issue and Appointment Trackers
  • A nightly Examen, based on the ancient formula of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • Weekly planning tools including a weekly examination, a Mass preparation checklist, weekly lessons learned, adjustments, and target-setting in four key areas of life 
  • An Examination of Conscience to take your confessions up a level 
  • A personal journaling system with an easy-reference indexing system to keep notes on your journey

You can find the Saintmaker Life Planner here.

7. Digital Marian Planner

Catholic Sprouts

The Digital Marian Planner, made by Catholic Sprouts, is a Catholic planner that will help you focus on deepening your devotion to Mary. The planner itself is a digital download, which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking to save money or want to print what you need, as you need it.

According to the Catholic Sprouts webpage, the planner includes:

  • 12 different Marian images that represent 12 titles of Mary (one for each month).
  • Monthly pages to educate you about a Marian title and challenge you to grow closer to Mary.
  • Monthly spreads with all the Catholic feast days.
  • Undated month and week spreads so you can use them year after year (Just print a new set!)
  • Weekly spreads that include space to reflect on scripture, plan your meals, track your habits and plan events

You can find the Digital Marian Planner here.

Whether you’re a Toklien fan, a woman, running a household, or just in search of a more productivity this year, these planners will get you there.