7 Epic Saint Stories

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  • TanichcaF

    It’s less epic than hilarious, but my favorite saint is St. Philip Neri, who was fond of jokes and pranks on people. Anyway, he had this student who was a brilliant preacher. Seriously, this guy was getting awards and accolades, had written papers, and was famous all through Rome for his mad Jesus talk skills. Now, Philip took these regular walks around the city, and usually had a crowd with him, including this Cardinal who was the proud owner of a very old and very gassy small dog. Usually, the dog was carried around by a (hopefully well-paid) servant, but for these walks, Philip made his brilliant preacher student carry the smelly pup around the city! It was a huge shock for a lot of people, to see this young man, who had been received in the Vatican and was so famous and wise and important, carrying around this old, stinky dog. Supposedly this was to keep the man humble, but I think Philip just did it to laugh.

    “Charity and cheerfulness, or charity and humility, should be our motto.” -St. Philip Neri

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