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7 of the Most Memorable Episodes of Mother Angelica Live on EWTN

Of course, every episode was good, but Mother Angelica’s opening lines were truly profound, inspiring, sometimes sobering, and often hilarious, as only Mother Angelica was able to do.


1. Living the Holy Life

“Do you all know you can be holy? Did you ever think that God called you to be holy?” (originally aired September 10, 1991)


2. I Left the Church and Here’s Why 

“I want to address all of you that are listening who have left the Church, for one reason or another, and I want you to call tonight and tell me why. You know, sometimes, we leave the Church for reasons that don’t seem important, but they were at the time. And sometimes we leave the Church without realizing what we left.” (originally aired November 10, 1992)


3. Living in a Dysfunctional World 

“I would like to know what is your burden tonight. How hopeless are things in your life? It does seem hopeless. We don’t see an end in view. Tonight, we want to find out why it is we don’t see an end in view. Why do we arrive at that kind of condition in our lives, you know? I thought I’d look at Saint Paul, and I found that he was in a dysfunctional society too.” (originally aired February 2, 1993)


4. Tolerance 

“I’m gonna be good… I think.” (originally aired May 10, 1994)


5. Modesty 

“You know, we’ve gone into many parts of the world to bring the Good News, and everybody seems to be in the same boat. Everyone hungers for God. Everyone needs the Lord. A tremendous amount of people don’t know they need God – they go every direction possible, and everywhere they go, they still feel that vacuum, you know, that hunger for God. And the reason is we were made for God, we were made by God, and we were created for a specific mission, special work.” (originally aired July 9, 1996)


6. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled 

“God has designed for each one of us a certain degree of holiness. Each one. It’s as if no one else existed.” (originally aired January 9, 2001)


7. God Knows Us As We Really Are

“God is so awesome in creating us, and I don’t know why they think he needs any help.” (August 7, 2001)