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7 Things Every Catholic Needs to Do While on Vacation

Greetings from Philadelphia! It occurred to me as I was flying here that I was due to write another post here on EpicPew, so I thought I would write one that is relevant to my current experience

1. Get your ducks in a row

It is the mature thing to do. Moreover, you will enjoy your vacation more if everything has been taken care of before you leave town. You don’t want to spend your first night of vacation writing a blog post in your hotel room, ALEX!

2. Plan for Mass

Being on vacation does not mean being on vacation from your spiritual life. Mass is still obligatory for vacationers. Use the ol’ Google machine to find a Mass time near your hotel.

3. Visit a beautiful—or struggling—parish

Yes, any valid Catholic Mass will fulfill your obligation. However, many major cities have crazy beautiful parishes. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow closer to God through beauty.

4. See and taste stuff

Catholicism is a universal religion. We need to experience other cultures and places. This helps build common ground with our brothers and sisters in Christ. See the unique sights of the place you are visiting. Take some time to eat what the locals eat. Enjoy everything your temporary home has to offer.

Oh, as long as we’re on the subject of local cuisine. I’m sure you’re all wondering what I think . . . and I can report that, by the slimmest of margins, Pat’s is better than Gene’s. However, I they are pretty close in quality. I would not get into a heated debate over which one is better.

5. Pray before you eat

Chances are you will be eating out often. Take the time to pray before you eat. No need to be showy about it, but do not hide from your faith. Catholics are Catholics 100% of the time. Perhaps, your example will inspire someone else.

6. Avoid being the annoying tourist

If you are going to Mass and praying in restaurants, you will be letting others know you are Catholic. People don’t need another reason to be annoyed with Catholics. Be on your best behavior.

7. Have joy!

Many saints have said that Catholics are to be joyful people. So, enjoy your vacation like a saint. Do all the fun things! Just don’t have so much fun you have to go to Confession when you get back (or before you get back).