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These 7 Saints Have the Weirdest Names We Could Find

In the world of Catholic names, John, Paul, James, Mary, Katherine, and Elizabeth barely scratch the surface.

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Here are some of the most outlandish names of saints that we could find!


1. Saint Frumentius

Frumentius was sent to Ethiopia by St. Athanasius. He was later a bishop of Ethiopia and called the Apostle to Aksum.

Want to know more about this patron of Aksumite Empire? Read more about his life here.


2. Saint Emerentiana

Emerentiana was stoned to death when she was found praying at the grave of Saint Agnes. It turns out that Agnes may have been her foster sister!

We don’t know much about this brave woman, but you can learn more about what we do know here.


3. Blessed Zynoviy Kovalyk

Sometimes called Blessed Zenon, this man was a Ukrainian priest and was martyred in 1941. He was beatified by Saint Pope John Paul II.

Want to find out more about this Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest and martyr? Click here.


4. Saint Patapois of Thebes

Patapois came from the Upper Kemetian area known as the Thebaid. Later in his life, he traveled from Egypt to Constantinople to be a hermit.

Want to know more about this saint who was blessed with the gift of healing? Check out what he know about him over here.


5. Saint  Endellion

Endellion was a virgin recluse in Cornwall, England. Her saintly brother’s name is the equally unusual – Saint Nectan. Her dad’s name? Brychan of Brecknock. Find out more about this holy (although weirdly named) family here.


6. Saint Thorlak Thorhallsson

This weirdly named saint became a priest before he turned 20! He regulated the Augustinian rule in Iceland and helped bring order and faith back to the Catholics of the country.

Pope Saint John Paul II named him the patron saint of Iceland. Want to know more about this saint? Click here.


7. Saint Quiteria

Quiteria was beheaded for refusing to marrying and revoking her Christian faith. In a surprising twist, she is invoked as the patroness against rabies. Want to know more about this incredible saint who the Church celebrates on May 22nd? Click here.