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7 Words Beginning with “P” for Pentecost

Pentecost is the sometimes called the “Birthday of the Church.” While it’s true that the Church was founded through the out pouring of the Holy Spirit, that gift was given to the whole church by being given to individuals.

The tongues of fire came down and touched each of the apostles. The Holy Spirit gift is therefore a supernatural gift to individual believers and (by virtue of that) to the whole universal church.

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are sometimes difficult to understand because they are so subtle and interwoven. Because the Spirit “guides us into all truth” the gifts are linked with knowing God and doing his will.

Here are the seven gifts with words that begin with “P” for Pentecost and a short description to help understand them.


Perfection of Mind and Will – both the intellect and the will are enlightened by God.


Profound Unity Being able to understand how all things are inter-related in God’s will.


Prudent judgement – The supernatural intuition to discern and follow God’s will.


Power – The courage and strength to stand up for the Truth


Perception of God’s Will – the ability to understand the mystery of God’s working in the world.


Peace in Knowing God’s Will – The dynamic Peace of God which passes all understanding

Fear of the Lord

Prayerful Reverence – The living sense of awe and wonder at God’s love at work in the world.

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