70 New Year’s Resolutions for Catholics


We made it to the end of 2015!


Now it is time to up the ante in holiness for 2016. We’ve complied the following list of possible resolutions you can make for the year of Mercy. Don’t try to do all of them. Or, actually, yes, try to do all of them. Let us know how that goes.

  1. Go to Daily Mass at least once a month
  2. Get a spiritual director
  3. Make a monthly confession
  4. Pray the Liturgy of the Hours
  5. Publically declare “I am pro-life”
  6. March in a pro-life event
  7. Create/Implement something new for your parish to take part in
  8. Visit the nearest children’s hospital, homeless shelter and/or soup kitchen and offer your services
  9. Pray a daily Rosary
  10. Adopt a continent and pray for victims of religious persecution
  11. Take an online course in Theology or Philosophy (for free!)
  12. Visit your local Catholic School and volunteer your time
  13. Fast on Fridays from meat and eating between meals (if you’re physically able)
  14. Invite your priest over for dinner
  15. Make a pilgrimage
  16. Visit a convent or a monastery
  17. Go on a retreat that lasts more than 48 hours (a silent on if at all possible)
  18. Start a non-profit
  19. Start your own online apostolate
  20. Join a 3rd order
  21. Ask God to convert the hearts of your loved ones
  22. Make Total consecration to Jesus through Mary
  23. Do something (else) for your Church- Catechist, Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, Lector, etc.
  24. Buy doughnuts for your workplace
  25. Have a priest or deacon bless your home
  26. Choose one Saint to pray with at least once daily
  27. Vote
  28. Become a Knight of Columbus, Opus Dei, or associate to a religious congregation
  29. Write a letter to a retired priest or religious
  30. Tell your conversion/reversion story
  31. Create a (or join your local) St. Paul’s Street Evangelization crew
  32. Exercise for the souls in purgatory (Every rep/mile can count toward the spiritual liberation of one of our beloved brothers or sisters in Christ)
  33. Read the Bible in One Year
  34. Read the Summa in One Year
  35. Get free Catholic stuff
  36. Fast from something for an entire year
  37. Read something by G.K. Chesterton
  38. Light a candle
  39. Pledge an hour of your week to go to Eucharistic Adoration
  40. Make one hour of your day a holy hour
  41. Memorize a new prayer
  42. Write your own prayer
  43. Get your sacramentals blessed by a priest or deacon
  44. Celebrate the feast day of an obscure, not-so-well known Saint
  45. Carry a sacramental with you wherever you go
  46. Sprinkle random places with holy water
  47. Give your priest a gift for Father’s day
  48. Join your parish council
  49. Become a Battle Saint supporter
  50. Change your lockscreen/screen-saver/background image to something epically Catholic
  51. Fill your iTunes with more Catholic artists
  52. Subscribe to a Catholic podcast
  53. Commit yourself to reading at least 5 books about your faith
  54. Kneel in prayer before laying down for bed
  55. Become invested and wear a scapular
  56. Surround yourself with sacred art
  57. Take care of the temple – exercise
  58. Join/start a Bible study at Church
  59. Create a special place for prayer in your living space
  60. “Adopt” a seminarian in your diocese and send him prayer support, food, and anything else he’ll never be able to afford.
  61. Stock your Catholic wardrobe
  62. Ask for forgiveness in a broken relationship
  63. Build up familial relationships
  64. Mentor the young
  65. Say that Chaplet
  66. Ask God to shower you with mercy, forgiveness and love (Year of Mercy, y’all)
  67. Clean out your closets and donate to the needy
  68. Participate in each Spiritual and Corporal Work of Mercy
  69. Practice abstraction successfully (take that philosophy course from #11 first to know what abstraction means.)
  70. Consecrate your heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Did we miss anything? Add your additional resolution in the combox.


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