8 Important Things You Must Do Now That Easter is Here


1. Must eat and drink everything!

If you’re like many Catholics, once the clock strikes Easter you’re busting out the stash of food and drinks you gave up for Lent. Make sure you have a supply of antacids available as well.


2. Oh yeah…Easter is about Christ

Of course we all know the true meaning of Easter. We give thanks to Christ for giving the ultimate sacrifice to save us.


3. Play Matt Maher on a loop

You know this song is on your Easter playlist and you’ve shared it on your social media pages. Don’t lie.


4. Hurry and finish all the books you said you’d read during Lent

If you’re like me, you had a list a mile long of the books you wanted to read during Lent. Unfortunately, you only barely finished one of those books so you’re determined to read them all. Or at least half of them. Ok, maybe just the one on your night stand.


5. Time to Spring Clean…your soul

Just because Lent is over doesn’t mean spiritual purification should stop. Stay close to the Sacraments and continue to increase your knowledge and understanding of our Church.


6. Eat more Peeps!

What’s Easter without Peeps? Nothing screams “Hallelujah” like a sugary marshmallow shaped into a baby chicken, am I right?!


7. Spring Break…for Christ

If you’re a student or a parent of students, you may be going on a Spring Break vacation around this time. Have a great time and remember that you can include Christ in your trip. I’m not saying you should spend your vacation at a monastery (which would be awesome) but I’m sure you could make time for a daily Rosary, daily Mass, and plan your trip to make sure you get to Mass on Sunday.


8. Rejoice in Christ’s Victory

Christ has won the battle and we can take comfort in knowing that WE are victorious when we follow Him. We are on fire for Christ right now but it may not always feel that way. We may become wounded during the battle for our salvation but Christ the Healer will renew our spirits. The enemy ain’t got nothin’ on Christ and His church!


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