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8 Incredible Catholic Charities to Donate to on Giving Tuesday

After a week full of eating, visiting family, shopping, and giving thanks, Tuesday is dedicated to giving. Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to share the blessings that God has given you this year with those around you. 

Do you want to support an amazing Catholic charity this Giving Tuesday? If the answer is ‘yes’, we’ve put together this list of eight charities you can donate to. Is your favorite Catholic charity not on our list? Leave it in the comments below so others can find your favorite resource, too!


1. Catholic Charities

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Catholic Charities USA is participating in Giving Tuesday this November 28 and making it easy to donate to their cause!  Through your support, you will help their agencies better serve those who are vulnerable! Click here to find out more information about Catholic Charities and how to donate to their cause on Giving Tuesday.


2. #iGive Catholic

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#iGiveCatholic is the first-ever online giving day for the Catholic community! It’s a call to share of your blessings with the Church and those the Church helps and supports in our communities.

This year, #iGiveCatholic is being celebrated by 17 Catholic arch/dioceses across the country: the Archdiocese of Atlanta; Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas; Archdiocese of Mobile; Archdiocese of New Orleans; Diocese of Allentown; Diocese of Austin; Diocese of Baton Rouge; Diocese of Biloxi; Diocese of Helena, Montana; Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux; Diocese of Jackson; Diocese of Knoxville; Diocese of Lexington; Diocese of Lubbock; Diocese of Memphis; Diocese of Owensboro; and Diocese of Paterson.

Is your diocese in this list? Consider giving a gift through #iGiveCatholic! You can find out more information here.


3. Local Religious orders 

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Your local religious orders would love for donations all the time – but you can participate in Giving Tuesday by visiting a local order and donating! Not sure what religious orders are near you? Check out this list and give them a call – you’ll make their day!


4. Life Teen 

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Life Teen reaches out to teenagers around the world and helps them encounter Christ. Their reaching teens, restoring parishes, and reclaiming the culture. Right now, they’re working towards a goal of raising $500,000 for their mission. Are you passionate about the work that youth groups do? Find out more about how to donate to Life Teen here!


5. Save a Family Plan

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If you’re looking for an incredibly efficient place to donate on Giving Tuesday, Save a Family Plan is the charity for you. 100% of your donations go directly to the poor. Save a Family Plan doesn’t just provide food and shelter for the poorest of the poor, they also help them escape poverty. It’s a great NGO run by Catholics that serves the poorest of the poor families in India. They’re fully in line with the Catholic Church, so you don’t have to worry about what happens to your money after you donate to their cause. You can find more about their work here.


6. Unbound

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Formerly known as the Catholic Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound partners with families living in poverty, empowering them to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential in this life!  When you sponsor a child, young adult or elder through Unbound, you invest in personalized benefits that support goals chosen by the sponsored individual and their family. Since almost 93% of Unbound’s expenses going toward program support, you can rest assured your contributions are working hard to meet the needs of your sponsored friend. You can find more about Unbound’s work and donate here!


7.  The Guiding Star Project 

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The Guiding Star Project is working to establish a nationwide family of Guiding Star Centers that will provide support for natural means of family planning, fertility care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and family life. They strive to meet the needs of their patients and respond with holistic life affirmation. They also facilitate cooperation with providers to serve women and families better. The Guiding Star Project is endorsed by both Abby Johnson and Lila Rose. Find out more about their mission and donate to their cause here!


8. Aid to the Church in Need

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The Church is under attack, and Aid to the Church in Need is here to help. Under the guidance of Pope Francis, they’re reaching out to help suffering and persecuted Christians all over the world. They’re currently helping persecuted Christians in over 100 countries. Is this cause close to your heart? Find out about all the ways you can help their mission here!