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8 Incredible Catholic Online Programs You Should Know About

Are you one of those people who enjoy learning about your faith in a more academic setting but don’t have the time or the resources to stop everything and uproot your family so that you can further your education?

Do you love learning about God so much that it hurts because you’re pretty sure that He is calling you to learn more about Him in this manner?

Do you just love getting more degrees?

Then have no fear! Learn all the things!

Check out this handy (and by no means exhaustive) list of some popular, affordable, and faithful to the Magisterium online programs you might not know exist!

You will never be able to know God fully, even in eternity! How wonderful! Even in heaven, we will never stop learning and falling ever deeper in love with the creator of knowledge. Why wait? Start now! Happy learning!


1. The Dominican Institute 


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The Dominican Institute is an “is an online Catholic learning platform that offers university-level instruction to those who seek to learn about the Catholic faith. Students have the ability to study under instructors who have earned their M.A. and/or Ph. D. in their subject discipline. Course credits can be used for continuing education, catechetical certification, lay religious formation, professional development and a host of other purposes.

This site is run by T.J. Burdick, Lay Dominican of the Rosary Chapter of the Central Province of the Lay Dominicans in the U.S.A. While this site is not directly affiliated with any governing body of Dominican Friars, Sisters or Dominican Laity, we do count them among our friends and proudly house its content within the servers of the Rosary Chapter of Lay Dominicans located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Course disciplines include:

  • Philosophy
  • Apologetics
  • Church History
  • Moral Theology
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Mariology
  • Natural Theology

Upon successful completion of each course, students can receive certificates will prove satisfactory completion of the course as deemed by the instructor on behalf of the Dominican Institute (DI). These can be used as proof for all  necessary certification documentation.”

Find more about The Dominican Institute here.


2. Holy Apostles College and Seminary 

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Holy Apostles College & Seminary, affectionately known as HACS, has a mission to “cultivate lay, consecrated and ordained Catholic leaders for the purpose of evangelization.

In addition to a formal education, Holy Apostles has five specific goals in mind to encourage the full spiritual, emotional and psychological development of each of its students.

  • To maintain excellence in teaching/learning, research/discovery, and service/engagement through the Liberal Arts, Philosophy and Theology.
  • To guide students to integrate their search for truth with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Fount of Truth.
  • To animate the entire college and seminary experience with a recognizable, distinctive, unambiguously Catholic spirit.
  • To assist students to formulate a coherent worldview based on faith and reason.
  • To instill in students a devotion to liturgy, prayer and service as well as excellence in academics.”

HACS offers in-person and online associates, bachelors, and masters degrees; certificates in a variety of programs; and recently added online doctoral programs in association with international universities in Poland and Spain.

Check out all that HACS has to offer here!


3. Franciscan University of Steubenville

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The programs at Franciscan University offer “both online and on-campus, the Master of Arts in Theology and Christian Ministry Program [which] immerses you in Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and magisterial teaching, giving you a deeply challenging and authentically Catholic theological education.

The MA program provides students with a solid, graduate-level foundation in Catholic theology that will enable them to serve effectively in a variety of fields of ministry, or to pursue further graduate studies in theology.

We established our graduate theology program in 1980, and today it is one of the most respected and sought-after programs in the country.

Perhaps the strongest asset of our program is our internationally respected faculty. Our scholars are fully committed to teaching the truth of the Catholic faith as it is found in the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. Ours was the first theology faculty in the United States to take the Oath of Fidelity to the magisterium in 1989, pledging to teach and live in a way that expresses full communion with the Catholic Church. All faculty members who have joined the faculty since then have also taken the Oath. 

Franciscan University is also one of only 30 U.S. Catholic universities whose entire theology faculty have met canon law requirements for the mandatum—recognition by the bishop of a theologian’s pledge to teach in communion with the magisterium of the Church.”

Discover all the Franciscan University has to offer here.


4. Catholic Distance University 

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Founded in 1983, Catholic Distance University is a “nonprofit institution of higher learning that offers an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Catholic Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA degree completion), Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Arts in Theology for Catholic Educators, the Catechetical Diploma, Continuing Education, graduate, undergraduate and noncredit certificates. CDU offers Theology courses and online interactive seminars in Catholic doctrine, moral theology, sacraments, scripture, spirituality, bioethics, mariology, liturgy, catechetics, laity, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. CDU also offers Humanities courses in classical languages (Latin, Greek), history, philosophy, and English grammar and composition.”

Check out CDU here!


5. The Catholic University of America 

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At CUA, there are a variety of online programs available. “Catholic University offers select programs online to benefit those who desire the convenience of online education from a traditional and respected institution. The University’s online programs offer practical, applications-oriented curricula, designed to help students move forward in their professional careers.

Currently, Catholic University offers fully online programs in nursing, social work, and theology, as well as blended online and summer residency programs in theology and canon law.”

All the information you need is here!


6. Saint Joseph’s College 

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St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine offers online degree-seeking and certificate programs in a variety of disciplines, including Theology.

Your key to more information is here.


7. Catholic Home Study 

Even if you’re not seeking a degree, Catholic Home Study is the program for you.
Not only is this program a ministry of Evangelization sponsored by Vincentian priests, but the study is also sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, Missouri Council. It “offers Catholic enrichment to people all over the world who are interested in learning about and understanding the Catholic faith.” And the best part? Their classes are completely free!

Check out all that Catholic Home Study has to offer here!


8. Catechism Class 

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Since 2004, the Catechism Class has offered complete, convenient and cost-effective classes for Catholics of all ages. Their programs are endorsed and supported by Catholics like Archbishop Chaput, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Karl Keating.

Adults can learn from sacramental and life-long learner courses. Children can gain knowledge from courses that are structured by their academic year. Catechism Class also offers classes for people preparing to be a godparent.

To take a look into all that Catechism Class has to offer, check them out here!


What are you waiting for ?

Were it not for the availability of these quality programs, I would not be where I am at today. Online education has come such a long way since the early days. Take advantage (obviously if you can and if it is the right path for you) of these options to fall ever more in love with Christ,  His Church, theology and all that these course have to offer!