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8 Signs Someone is a Closet Catholic

Have you ever been shocked to find out someone is not Catholic? Based on what you know about them, you had just assumed they were Catholic. Maybe it is something they do or the things they say, but there is something that made you think they were Catholic. In fact, the more you get to know them, the more you think they should just convert already. However, if you ask them, they’ll deny any interest in Catholicism. These are “Closet Catholics.” Their theological beliefs are essentially Catholic; they just have not realized and/or accepted it.  Here are 8 warning signs.


1. They follow all of the Church’s Lenten instructions

They are not Catholic, yet when Lent rolls around, they give something up and abstain from meat on Fridays.


 2. Their office is decorated with Catholic ornamentation

I once walked into a man’s office and saw Crucifixes (PLURAL!), iconography, and G.K. Chesterton’s book on Saint Francis. I thought to myself, “This guy is the pastor at a protestant university?”.


3. They attend Mass with their family every week, even though they’re not Catholic

Typically, this applies to the husband/father of a family. You see this guy at Mass every week with his family, and you have just always assumed he was Catholic. Then one Sunday, you realize he is not going up for Communion, and then it dawns on you: he is not Catholic. But he should be. He really should be.


4. They like all of the EpicPew articles you post on Facebook

You, of course, share every EpicPew article on Facebook because we are talented, funny, clever, humble, etc. Every time you share an EpicPew post on Facebook, they hit that good ol’ “Like” button.


5. They like the quotes you share that affirm Catholic doctrine


You find a quote from Saint Augustine about Mary or a Bible verse alluding to Purgatory, so you decide to share it on Facebook. Yet, it is not a Catholic friend who is the first to hit the “Like” button; it is your Lutheran friend.


6. They consider themselves a traditional Christian

If given the choice between a traditional or contemporary service, they always choose the traditional service. They prefer hymns as opposed to praise and worship songs. These people also have a keen interest in what the early Christians taught. However, they have not yet realized that the most traditional way to be a Christian is to be Catholic.


7. They practice NFP

NFP isn’t just for Catholics, of course.  It’s also for anyone who respects a woman’s body and isn’t crazy about taking carcinogenic, blood-clot causing hormones.  But NFP is one of those Catholic things we totally got right.  I know people who became Catholic because of the Church’s teaching on contraception.  For realz.


8. They’re Eastern Orthodox

The Roman Church and the Eastern Church are extraordinary close in doctrine. The 20th century saw historical movements towards union, and so far, this trend has continued into the 21st century.


If you meet any of the above characteristics, contact your local Catholic parish about joining their RCIA program. Do it. Do it now.