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9 Stages of a Novena Every Catholic Understands

Every Catholic has been there at one time or another, now is the time to laugh about it.

1. Obsessively picking out the *perfect* novena for your intention

When in doubt, your go-to is either St. Jude or St. Therese. There is no other go-to.

2. You start out strong, with the fervor of all the saints in heaven.

Who’s praying to the Lord while asking the holiest of people to pray for you, too. YOU. That’s who. And you own it.

3. You mention to everyone you pass that you’re in the middle of praying a novena

If you have an Instagram account, you’re definitely screenshotting the prayers and posting them to your stories. End of story.

4. The first day you kind of forget to pray until later in the day

5. You start setting all the alarms, so you’ll remember better the next day

6. Then you STILL forget altogether

7. So you internally battle yourself on whether or not you can do two days in one day, or if you need to extend the whole novena instead

Are you #TeamDoubleNovenaDay or #TeamNovenaRecess?

8. As you near the end of the novena, you over-discern every potential sign

You know who you are.

9. Regardless of the outcome, you know that you grew closer to God, by the grace of God.

10. And you’re like, “Why don’t I do more of these?”