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9 Thoughts Every Catholic Parent Has During Their Baby’s Baptism

It’s your baby’s baptism day! The sacrament washes away original sin and leaves your little baby’s soul as white as their baptism gown.

But every parent wants to avoid baptism bloopers. Here are some thoughts that are running through their head on the day their baby becomes a child of God.

1. Please, no blowouts

Those beautiful white baptismal outfits are just asking for it, aren’t they?

2. Don’t cry!

But gosh, that water is so cold sometimes!

3. This chrism smells SO good

You thought baby powder smelled good, but then there’s the chrism. It’s a safe bet that parents don’t wash their baby’s head for a couple of days after the baptism.

4. Don’t forget your lines!

What do I ask for this child? Baptism, that’s right. And faith, the grace of Christ, entrance into the Church, and eternal life. All of the above.

5. Here comes the water . . .

This can’t end well, can it?

6. FIRE!

How about we hold this candle a little further away from the baby.

7. I’m ready for some cake

Taking care of a baby is exhausting. Time for a sugar rush.

8. This baby’s soul is CLEAN!

Goodbye, original sin!

9. Best day ever!

Your sweet little baby is a child of God! Good job, mom and dad.