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How to “Be Yourself” According to 8 Memes and a Journal

There are memes for everything these days and so I was prompted to search “Be Yourself” to see how this common phrase has been put to images. I thought I’d share these thought-provoking and fun memes in hopes to encourage everyone to just “Be Yourself” and then introduce you to a beautiful journal that explores how Catholic teen girls can truly embrace being themselves through scripture, the Catechism, Saints and fun artwork.


1.  Good advice



2.  Be Golden



3.  Awwww….so cute!



4. Beautiful reminder



5. Words to ponder…


6. The Little Mermaid approves of this meme


7.  Such a great quote, worth posting twice



8. Just be it


When blogger and author, Amy Brooks, navigated through her socially awkward, sometimes lonely, and uncharted teen years, she didn’t have computer generated memes to motivate her to be herself.  Instead she remembers discussing her common teenage insecurities with her mom and aunt and their advice was “Just be yourself”.  But, she was perplexed as to what exactly that meant and questions streamed through her mind as she matured and she even continued to reflect on these words through adulthood and motherhood.

Amy thinks back to those tough years in her post Dear Beautiful Girl Trying to Find Yourself, and her experiences inspired her to write Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls in hopes to inspire young girls (and those young at heart) to embrace the fact they were created beautifully and wonderfully by God for a particular reason out of pure love.

“Be Yourself! includes more than 80 pages of fun activities, quizzes, personal “letters” from women saints, and journaling opportunities that girls will love. Quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Scripture provide girls with wisdom from their faith tradition—wisdom that they can use as they explore what it means to “be yourself” in the light of God’s will for them.”

Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls is still a work in progress, but pre-orders continue to be taken and the team behind this beautiful, much needed journal are still working on covering production costs.


Be sure to read more about Amy Brook’s Be Yourself! Journal and watch the video and most importantly pray for all the girls who will be given this beautiful journal that they can relate to and enjoy.  I think my own daughters will enjoy perusing their copy once production starts and the journals are delivered.  Imagine the smiles on girls’ faces when they receive this meaningful and faith-filled gift, especially the middle school girls at St. Helena -Incarnation School in Philadelphia, who will be receiving 70 Be Yourself! Journals from generous donors via the campaign page.

Remember to always “Be Yourself!” with a meme and wonderful journal!