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A Peek Inside the Closet of Mary

If you’ve ever talked to anyone, especially kids, about heaven, oftentimes the talk of what people wear in heaven will come up. While we don’t know if we will be naked as we were in the Garden of Eden, or wear white robes as often depicted in paints and images of heaven in the Book of Revelation, we get a glimpse of the wardrobe of the Queen of heaven in the visions of Mary. Our Lady’s Wardrobe, written by Anthony DeStefano, allows us to look at what Mary would have worn while she was alive, and what she has worn in the times she’s appeared to various saints throughout history. The magnificent apparel is beautifully illustrated by Juliana Kolesova.

Let us take a look inside Our Lady’s closet together.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared on the cloak of Juan Diego, her image pointed defeated all of their gods and pointed them to see her as their Queen. It is a miracle that we still are able to venerate this image in Mexico City.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

This is the classic image of Mary in blue. It is from this image we received the Miraculous Medal from St. Catherine.

Our Lady of Fatima

This image of Mary is her as the Queen of heaven and earth. She is magnificent in her robe of gold and white, crowned as our queen.

Each of the images are combined with a short description of what she wore, followed by a brief summary of her visit or miracle. It is truly breathtaking and can provide many in depth conversations with kids about the beautiful outfit she is wearing and why she appeared that way. Our Lady’s Wardrobe by Anthony DeStefano and illustrated by Juliana Kolesova will take your breath away as you study the beautiful garments she can choose from her wardrobe. We can only hope we can be like children and play ‘dress-up’ in her closet when we join her in heaven someday.