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Fun Cry Room Activities for Adults!

Trying hard to stay focused during mass while in the cry room? Are there too many  distractions around you? Interesting odors wafting near your nose? Is the crunching of cereal all that you hear?

Do I have a solution for you!

Yes, our total and complete attention should be directed toward God in worship. But for those times and situations where you just can’t seem to get over that hump, try these fun cry room activities for adults!


1. Count the times you hear another adult sigh!


2. Find the kid that puts everything from the floor into their mouth


3. Try to figure out which parent got the least amount of sleep last night


4. Count how many times other parents say “Don’t touch!”


5. Keep track of which siblings get into a fight first


6. Try to say the entire Creed without interruption


7. See how long you can kneel after communion before your child leaves your side


8. Help feed another family’s child


9. Time how long it takes before a page is ripped from the hymnal


10. Try to appreciate the abstract art on the walls and draw out the deeper theological meanings


11. Count how many hand, face, and finger prints are on the glass


12. Count your blessings


Remember, children are gifts from God. The little distractions in the cry room are reminders that we often act in such a way in the eyes of God. Draw comfort from knowing that God is our Father and loves us, no matter what we do and no matter how distracted we get sometimes!