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All Saint Have These 5 Things in Common

We all know that saints are the residents of heaven, and that they all believe in Jesus, but what else do all saints have in common?

They are all sinners

Tim Green, Facepalm | Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

The saints are all human, and born with Original Sin because of the Fall. Therefore, all saints had Original Sin and if lived long enough would have sinned during their lives. There are only two caveats; Mary remained sinless through the Immaculate Conception and throughout her life, and Jesus is God.

They all gave up something huge

Kingkongphoto & from Laurel Maryland, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether it was their life through martyrdom, leaving a pagan family, or their possessions to do God’s work, they all gave something of themselves as a sacrifice.

Different paths to their sainthood

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We like to know how to do something to get the same result. But when it comes to sainthood, there is no “one path” or “how to” get to Heaven; they all got there differently. There are saints who lived their entire lives only for God (St. Lucy), and there are others who only used their last few moments on earth to turn towards God to become a saint (St. Dismas).

None of them became angels

Fr. Lawrence Lew, St. Thomas Aquinas girded by Angels | Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Saints are only human, and angels are spiritual bodies. Angels are servants of the Lord who also help us to become saints. Many people like to think we become angels when we die, but this is just not possible. Read more: 10 Facts about Angels That Will Blow Your Mind

They are all close enough to Jesus to intercede for us

Slices of Light, God and Jesus | Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

All saints, named and unnamed, have access to God, therefore, they all can intercede for us and help us get to heaven. We can pray to patron saints and ask for them to help us through similar situations they might have dealt with during their lives, and we can pray to people who we know are holy and hope are in heaven, and ask for their intercession. We can’t assume all holy people are in heaven (yet) as they may be spending some time in purgatory, but they are still closer to God, then we are and purgatory guarantees they will ultimately end up in heaven.

Bonus: They all want us to join them

Fr. Lawrence Lew, The Saints go Marching in… | Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

There is no max limit in Heaven or overcrowding like we can have in our cities. Jesus promised to go ahead of us to prepare place for us in Heaven. As long as God is creating souls, there are rooms in Heaven for us all. Therefore, it is no surprise, all the current residents of Heaven want us to move in too!