David Rummelhoff

David Rummelhoff has contributed to several Catholic websites, writing about apologetics and evangelization. He graduated summa cum laude from Holy Apostles College & Seminary with a masters degree in theology and is the founder of Peter’s Square, an online marketplace for Catholic vendors. He and his three daughters live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Worst Excuses for Anti-Catholicism, Ever

It’s like they didn’t even do their homework! Okay, here’s the worst excuses, EVAR, for anti-Catholicism. 5. Catholics worship Mary and make her equal to Christ. If you’ve ever been to Latin America, I guess this claim looks legit, but it’s not. Setting aside the Church’s explicit prohibition on worshiping creatures, every doctrine the Catholic …

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Judgement Comes to Us All

Last year, Family Guy aired an episode that included a brief look at how various religions view death and the afterlife. When they covered Christianity, they offered up this little tidbit to illustrate: Flippant though it may be, the clip offers a glimpse into how outsiders perceive the Christian understanding of salvation. Unfortunately, the idea …

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