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These Easter Gift Ideas Are Authentically Catholic, and Perfect for Your Child

It’s time to start filling those Easter baskets again! Brace yourselves because you’ve likely already seen the onslaught of crazy Easter baskets, oodles of candy, and stuffed lambs and bunnies at your local stores. But don’t give in! While jelly beans and chocolate crosses are delicious here are some basket-fillers that will help you and your kids grow in the faith


Curious Little Catholic Books

Curious Little Catholic Vocation cover

I cannot speak highly enough of this series. The third and newest title is What is a Vocation? and is masterfully done by starting with what a vocation is and then explaining the different types of vocations. Featured in the illustrations are 10 different religious orders and the contact information for each order featured can be found at the back of the book.

I cannot say this enough: you need these books for your personal collection, whether or not you have kids. Author Annemarie Thimons weaves simple explanations with Scripture verses and leans heavily on the Catechism to tell these facets of the faith. And the illustrator, her mother, Nancy Rosato-Nuzzo paints beautiful, layered pictures that help the words make their full connection to our daily lives. There are two other books in the series- What is the Eucharist? and What is a Sacrament?which I’ve previously reviewed.  For more information, check out their website. Books can be purchased here.


Easter Prints from Brick House in the City




I love all three of these prints so much, I couldn’t pick just one to feature! The first one says, “We are an Easter people and alleluia is our song”. The second says, “Behold I make all things new”. The third says, “Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world”. These 8″x10″ instant download prints will, no doubt, make any home look even more inviting and festive. And who doesn’t need these beautiful reminders surrounding them always? I also really adore this mug from her shop.  Catholic mom Lauren Winter makes tons of beautiful products that will enrich any home and life. Check out her whole shop!


My Catholic Kids Saint Magnets

Saint Bakhita magnet

My Catholic Kids saint magnets depict the saints as cartoons with friendly, inviting faces and come with a holy card with a short summary of the saint’s story. We have several in our house and my kids love them!

These are a great way to introduce the saints to kids and allow them to see their faces often. Check out their store here. They’re also currently having a Buy 5, Get 3 Free sale and at only $5 a piece, that’s a cheap and easy way to get lots of saints into your Easter baskets!


ChewsLife Soft Rosaries

ChewsLife Soft Rosary

These soft rosaries are something I’m really super excited about. As a mom, I understand how hard it is to find durable rosaries for my quite excitable and destructive preschool-aged kids, but these will do the trick (I just picked up one for each of my kids to put in their Easter baskets). The beads, medal, and cross are made from food-grade silicon to make chewing on them safe and are strung on sturdy, organic cotton cord with each decade knotted into place. There’s even a clasp to make attaching it to a stroller or your child so she doesn’t lose it! Each rosary also comes with a lifetime replacement or repair guarantee.

These rosaries are bigger than you’d expect so that the littlest hands can hold them with ease and come with a prayer card. Praying the family rosary just got easier! Check out all of the available soft rosary colors here. I’m also really in love with these rosary bracelets that come with a moveable Miraculous Medal and Crucifix so that, if you get interrupted while praying during the day, you won’t lose your place.


Shining Light Dolls

St. Joseph Shining Light Doll

Another product for my kids that I’m super excited about, the Shining Light Dolls are beautifully crafted and painted wooden dolls and come with the story of the saint and a prayer to him or her. There are a variety of saints and a collection of Mary Around the World, featuring ones like Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, and Our Lady of China, among others.

I’ve done a peg doll swap before and, while it was a lot of fun, I just do not have a lot of talent in the painting-features-on-peg-people department, so these dolls are an easy (and much more beautiful way!) to get saints into kids’ hands. I picked up one for each of my kids and also one for each of my nieces and nephew. See the whole collection here.