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Back to (Catholic) School Resources for All Catholics

August is a special month. The flurry of back to school sales invites nostalgia for days living the student life. This time of year sparks motivation to learn something new—even after our chapters as full-time students are closed.

What better direction to aim that motivation than at our Catholic Faith?

Here are some great “classes” and resources across the disciplines to help you feed that motivation!


There are many options available for studying Catholic theology—from something as simple as reading a book on your own, to a full course for credit. The Augustine Institute is known for its Masters degrees in Theology. It also allows non-degree seeking students to audit courses and participate in book studies and workshops. Check out their current offerings on Open Classroom for more information!


Have you ever noticed a beautiful, ancient-looking icon in a church and wondered what all that symbolism is about? Or, do you know a bit about the symbolism and yearn to write one yourself? There are a surprising number of icon-writing retreats available, both online and in person. Sophia Icon Studio offers online iconography classes on a variety of subjects! This is a great way to experience making art as prayer.


Did you know that Word on Fire Institute now offers book clubs? Book clubs are a great way to delve into more “meaty” writing, which can otherwise be intimidating if tackled alone. In August of 2023, the Institute is delving into some of the works of Flannery O’Connor, led by Catholic author Hayley Stewart.

We have many other faith-filled resources for literature. For those of you who love good fantasy, a solid place to start could be Peter Kreeft’s book, “The Philosophy of Tolkien,” which unpacks the Catholic underpinnings of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Or, perhaps Jane Austen is more your cup of tea. Haley Stewart has written a book just for you! “Jane Austen’s Genius Guide to Life” is built on the back of Austen’s novels to help you grow in virtue- an excellent application of literature!


The best way to learn more about music isn’t to read about it, or even to listen to it, but to DO it. Help out your parish and grow your musical knowledge and technique by joining the choir. Bonus points if the choir sings historical music- do some research on the older works and you’ll find some amazing stories about the Catholic composers of the past!


Fr. Robert Spitzer is one of the leading Catholic scientists of today. Check out his book, “New Proofs for the Existence of God,” for a fascinating exploration of physics and faith.

Physical Education

Who knew exercise could be Catholic? To help your exercise fly you straight to heaven, pick up a free trial of Pietra Fitness. Pietra Fitness provides a great, sustainable workout which integrates Catholic meditation based on scripture and the writings of the saints. It’s a wonderful alternative to yoga!

Whether your subject of study is P.E. or straight theology, every subject can bring you closer to the God Who designed all of them for us. Happy studying!

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