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Bet You Didn’t Know These 7 Symbols of Summer Have Christian Meaning!

Summertime: sun, sand, surf. Travel, treats, and community. It’s a great time of year and one that we all wish would stick around longer than it does. There are lots of images or symbols that make us think of summer, but did you know that those also have Christian meanings? No? Well, read on!


This one is easy! The sun represents the Son of God, Jesus! What’s cool here is that, in the summertime, the sun gives us heat, light, and warmth, just like Jesus does for us. Soak up those rays and those graces!

Late nights and stargazing

This can also be an image of Jesus for us, as he is the North Star, never faltering and always leading us truly. Remember that the next time you look for the Big Dipper!

Packed bags

This, obviously, connotes travel, which makes us think of the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher. Looking a little deeper, though, you’ll recognize that packed bags remind us of an adventure on the horizon and adventure can remind us that life in Christ is one giant adventure!


Who’s the patron saint of grilling and barbecuing? That’s right, St. Lawrence! But what do we do at a cookout? Gather with friends and family. We become a community! So cookouts can remind us of the community of faith, gathering in the name of the Lord.


This can obviously have the same connotation as cookouts but we can take it a step further. It’s a giant fire and fire represents the Holy Spirit! So the next time you’re singing songs with friends around a campfire, ask the Holy Spirit to enflame your heart.


A summertime staple! Making babies and dogs go nuts and children and adults stare in awe. These can represent the awe and glory of God! More over, we even have a patron for fireworks, St. Barbara.


Water is an obvious Christian symbol, representing baptism and new life in Christ. Waves are just water when it is intense, so they can represent a life lived fully in Christ. Waves could even be a more intense symbol of baptism and could thus represent death and rebirth in Christ, too.

What are your favorite symbols of summer? How can you see Christ in the summertime fun?

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