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Blessed are the Peacemakers (That Means You and Me)

One of the beatitudes given to us by Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount is “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:3-12). Jesus was a peacemaker, and he calls all of us to do the same in our daily lives. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the beatitudes challenge us as humans to decisive moral choices in our lives. When we are presented with these choices, by virtue of our baptism and through the gifts of the spirit, we can choose to do good. We do this out of love for God and for others. Below are ways to find opportunities in life to be a peacemaker.


The best way to begin living a life of peace is through a deep prayer life and relationship with Christ. Since we need the Holy Spirit in order to be guided in right decisions, becoming a peacemaker will happen as we are guided by the lord. Through prayer and reflection, we can find those ordinary ways in our day-to-day lives that we can be more peaceful with ourselves and others.

Reflecting before speaking

We live in a world where most people like to speak and very few choose to listen. We see this in our own lives but also in the media, and in the outside world around us. There is much confusion when there is very little understanding and listening going on and too much talking. When we reflect before speaking, we can become more peaceful and Christ-like in our ways. It is also refreshing in conversation when someone takes the time to let others be heard. This creates peace.

Be a person of reconciliation

Many a priest and religious person will refer to the fact that to be a person of peace does not necessarily mean one has to reconcile with others This is often true, however in our world all too many people choose to “write someone off” instead of listening and giving them a chance to be heard. This is sad since there are people who won’t speak to their own family members or past friends over an event or argument that no longer has relevance. Offer prayers for these kinds of situations. Pray for reconciliation when possible. “I am sorry” are often the three words people long to hear the most. These words often go unsaid, and healing may be delayed. Don’t be afraid to say these words. If in your prayer you feel God is directing you to make reconcile with someone, reach out.

Continue a lifetime of prayer

Never give up praying. This is the key to being peaceful. The Holy Spirit will guide you in all your actions. Pray for yourself and for others. Pray also world peace. When we witness war and bad things happening in the world, one may ask “what can I do to help these situations?” Prayer and action are the best ways to approach it. Forgiving one person you know who needs your forgiveness is another way to create world peace. Offer a prayer. Perhaps over a lifetime, God will continue to reveal ways to become more peaceful. Doing so may help to create the peace we all long for.

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