Book Review: The Walls Are Talking by Abby Johnson with Kristen Detrow



The Walls Are Talking

Abby Johnson with Kristen Detrow

Ignatius Press


This book is going to be an endurance test for some. It’s like watching The Passion of The Christ: it is not anyone’s favorite movie, and you don’t come out feeling entertained and then you question whether or not you will ever see it a second time. To be honest, nobody needs to see it a second time to remember what they saw. The Walls Are Talking is a book that will leave an impression on you. This is not a book you WANT to read. You HAVE to read it.

You will need three things to read this book: The first thing you will need is a box of tissues. Second, you might want something to hit that you can’t hurt and that won’t hurt you. The third and most important thing you need is a safe place to read. Heather Gardner (Director of Central Texas Coalition For Life) said,

“I knew this was not going to be an easy read and that I would need to be in deep prayer for all of these courageous former workers, as well as ones still blinded by their work in the abortion industry. The Walls Are Talking is indeed a necessary read, and prayer is indeed the first necessary call to action. I’m not sure where your safe place to read is.Wherever your safe place to read is, that’s where you need to read this book.

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry insists that they are here to help and protect women. On the surface, that may seem true. The Walls Are Talking is 17 stories that take you behind locked doors and reveal the awful truth that abortion supporters don’t want you to know. Every story is anonymous and carefully written in one voice. You will feel yourself slipping in the shoes of the narrator and living out every detail. Your heart will ache for these former workers and patients that have been used and abused by the abortion machine. Readers will want to shake these women as they many times ignore their conscience. Make no mistake: the people telling their stories in this book do so with a painful honesty that will anyone think twice before giving their support to the abortion industry.

For people that have always been pro-life, this is an opportunity to see how a person, even well-intentioned Christians, can get involved in the abortion industry. All it takes is one chink in the armor. Once you can justify the smallest act inside the walls of an abortion clinic, it becomes easier and easier to slide down that rabbit hole. As you will find in this book, the abortion industry pays, and pays well. For men and women that have trouble finding a job, Planned Parenthood is there waiting for them.

They say that money turns blood green, and in the abortion industry, truer words have never been spoken. You will hear several stories about how the bottom line, the almighty dollar takes precedence over patient care. Once they have your money, your well being is an after thought. That is, unless they could get sued or receive bad publicity.

The good news is that every story ends with hope. Hope of redemption. Hope of hearts and minds being changed. Conversion is always possible. This book isn’t just for pro-lifers and Christians. It is for anyone who ponders the issue of abortion. If you are looking for an eye opening experience, this is a book you need to read.

Research abortion providers, starting with the founder, Margaret Sanger. Come to your own conclusions about abortion, but come to them. Have an opinion! I urge you to be diligent and proactive when it comes to teaching our kids about life issues. If we fail in this, please know that those in the abortion industry are ready and waiting to do so in our stead. ~Former Abortion Clinic Worker


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