Can Catholic’s Do Halloween? These Priests Answer!

Spooks and ghosts, tricks and treats! What is a catholic, who typically is waging war against evil, to do? Father Josh comes to the rescue with this video diving into the history of Hallows Eve, shedding light on where trick or treating began, and gives tips on how to engage with the culture around us. Thank you Father Josh!

“Forever. For ever ever? For ever ever” — my favorite part. lol

Also, just a little note, Father Mike is not afraid of ghosts. Here is why you shouldn’t be either. Happy Halloween!

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Jessica McAfee: Jessica is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of three awesome young boys and a baby girl. She works as a FertilityCare Practitioner at the Pope Paul VI Institute. Also a student at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, she loves studying bioethics and Sacred Scripture. She is married to the founder of EpicPew, so she's kind of, like... forced into this.