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If there were Catholic “Most Likely” Awards, this is who they would go to

Do you remember your senior superlatives? Half the fun was finding out who would get voted “Best dressed” or “Most likely to skip class.” It’s fun to look back at the various “awards” and remember those heady days of high school.

In that vein, I though it would be fun to look at a few of Catholicism’s Senior Superlative Awards!


Most likely to be a papabile:

Image result for Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle


Most dramatic:

Image result for Devout Catholic Actors

Mark Wahlberg


Best dressed:

Image result for cappa magna burke

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke


Most likely to remain in their diocese:

Above, Msgr. Vincent Topper, 103, receives congratulations from Father Andrew Stahmer, a priest of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pa., prior to the Mass of thanksgiving on May 24 at St. Catherine Labouré Church in Harrisburg in celebration of the jubilarian’s 80th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. Msgr. Topper, who turns 104 on July 28, is also shown on the occasion of his ordination. In addition, Sister Mary Anne Sweeney and some of the eighth-grade students from St. Catherine Labouré visit and pray the Rosary with Msg. Topper.

Msgr. Vincent Topper, 104, at the 80th anniversary of his ordination for the Diocese of Harrisburg, PA in 2016.


Best eyes:

Image result for saint lucy

St. Lucy


Best communicator:

Image result for saint paul

St. Paul


Least likely to be a papabile:

Image result for joe biden in sunglasses

Joe Biden


Best looking parish church:

Image result for most beautiful image of catholic churhc

Basilica of St. Josephat in Milwaukee, WI.


Best looking:

Image result for mary mother of god

Mary of Nazareth, a.k.a. Theotokos, a.k.a Mother of God


Most likely to skip Mass:

Image result for MArtin Luther

Martin Luther, former Augustinian monk and Catholic


Best confessor:

Image result for padre pioImage result for jean marie vianney

Tie: St. Padre Pio and St. Jean Marie Vianney


Most traveled:

Image result for john paul II

Pope St. John Paul the Great


Pope’s pet:

Image result for cardinal o malley

Sean Patrick Cardinal O’Malley


Best car:

Image result for popemobile

Popemobile (Pope Francis)


Diocesan clown:

Image result for jim gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan


Biggest partier:

Image result for Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI