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This Catholic Photographer Creates Astounding Modern Art of the Saints

Kristyn Brown began The Saints Project with a simple mission in mind: to make the saints even more accessible to the modern world and hold them up as role models. What the world gains is incredible, uplifting beauty.


"The Solemnity of Mary", Kristyn Brown,
“The Solemnity of Mary”, Kristyn Brown,


Prior to beginning The Saints Project two years ago, Kristyn was a busy yet unfulfilled photographer and had begun learning the technique of composite photography. One day, her mom mentioned St. Sebastian and when his icon came to mind, she immediately saw it as a composite photograph and then saw a whole series of pictures of saints done in the same way. The result has been truly astounding.

"St. Sebastian", Kristyn Brown,
“St. Sebastian”, Kristyn Brown,


Kristyn asks normal, every day people to stand in the place of saints for her photographs. Sometimes the idea for a saint’s portrait comes first and she actively seeks out the right person to fill the role, but other times she sees a person and knows exactly which saint that person was meant to portray.

"St. Raphael the Archangel", Kristyn Brown,
“St. Raphael the Archangel”, Kristyn Brown,


The Holy Spirit is definitely guiding this project and often shows Kristyn how much He’s in control by the little coincidences that occur- the man who portrays St. Raphael had, unbeknownst to Kristyn, a devotion to St. Raphael; the girl who portrays St. Lucy had taken Lucy as her Confirmation name, which Kristyn didn’t know beforehand.

"St. Lucy", Kristyn Brown,
“St. Lucy”, Kristyn Brown,

Through The Saints Project, Kristyn hopes to bring people closer to Christ through the guidance of the saints, but also by calling people to seek out their “own unique and specific calling designed by God” for each of us.

The whole series can be found here and images can be purchased here.