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Catholic Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Within the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes it’s good to hear someone else talking about the faith. Every tried listening to podcasts? There’s lot’s choose from and several for Catholics.  There’s sure to be at least one podcast in this list for you!


The Crunch

Hosted by college-aged guys Ethan Stueve and Pat Neve, The Crunch talks about the faith at large and their interaction with it. Recently, they had Zac Mabry on (former child actor most notable for playing Porky in The Little Rascals), to talk about his conversion. “Sometimes poignant, sometimes informational, sometimes absolutely useless…” (from their description) that about sums them up. New episodes every week. Find them on the iTunes Store and on Twitter at @CatholicPat and @Bropostle


Fountains of Carrots

Hosted by Christy Isinger (of Fountains of Home) and Haley Stewart (of Carrots for Michaelmas), these ladies discuss life, culture, and faith. These two especially like books! You can find their podcast on the iTunes Store or here.

Jen Fulwiler

Jen Fulwiler’s Sirius XM radio show placed neatly into podcast form for those of us who can’t listen otherwise, she regales with stories of faith and life. She often has interesting guests and always weaves the faith seamlessly into personal stories and commentaries on current events. You can find her show on the iTunes Store or here.


Catholic Answers Live

This is a daily call-in radio program where the host answers callers’ questions on the faith. Always solid answers with Scripture verses and Catechism quotes a plenty! If you want to learn the faith, this is a great place to start. Find it on the iTunes Store or here.


Word on Fire

Bishop Robert Barron hosts a weekly podcast doing what he does best- talking about the intersection of faith and culture. Episodes can be found on the iTunes Store. Check out the website for more ways to listen.


Catholic Hipster

Hosted by Sarah Vabulas, The Catholic Drinkie, and Tommy Tighe, The Catholic Hipster, they interview “big names in Catholic new media about their experiences growing up in the Catholic faith and what we can do to attract and educate Catholics” and talk generally about what it means to be a hipster Catholic. Find them on the iTunes Store.

Hallie Weekly

Hosted by Hallie Lord, she talks weekly about “learning to embrace the wild and crazy calls of God”. She discusses topics like isolation in motherhood, resisting throwaway culture, and the need for good Christian literature, and often interviews other Catholics, too. Find it in the iTunes Store and check out her website for more info.


Among the Lilies

Described as rough an un-produced in tone, Cameron Fradd’s podcast is for women who want to be real. She discusses all manner of topics that relate to women and often has guests on the show. It really feels like a conversation between friends, even just as a listener! Find it on the iTunes Store.

Messy Parenting

Husband and wife duo Mike and Alicia Hernon tells it like it is in regards to marriage, child-rearing, family life, and faith in this delightfully informative and encouraging podcast. Find it in the iTunes Store and check out their website here.


Coffee and Pearls

This podcast, hosted by Sterling Jaquith, is aimed specifically at Catholic moms. Short but powerful at 15 minutes each, she talks about “spirituality, marriage, motherhood, health, finances, homemaking and recharging!” Find it on the iTunes Store.


Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Hosted by Fr. Nathan Goebel, Fr. John Nepil, Fr. Michael O’Loughlin, Fr. Mike Rapp, this weekly podcast is a “lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.” Covering topics like saints, various Catholic destinations (think the Camino), vocations, stay-at-home moms, and everything in between, this podcast is delightfully entertaining and not to be missed! Find it in the iTunes Store or check out their website.


Do Something Beautiful

Former America’s Next Top Model, Leah Darrow talks to different Catholics about what they are doing in the world, sharing their inspirational stories, and petitions the listeners to go out and do something beautiful, too. Find it on the iTunes Store and check out her site.


The Catholic Man Show

Hosted by Adam Minihan and David Niles, this podcast aims at promoting the “lost art of living virtuously”. Each episode is broken up into three parts: a “manly” drink review, a “manly” gear review, and a “manly” topic (topics pertinent to Catholic men and their lives). The predictable format of this show gives it stability and familiarity- what drink will they review next? How many drinks are there really? How do they find all of this gear? And the manly topic never disappoints, either. Find it on the iTunes Store and check out their website.


Catching Foxes

One of my favorite podcasts (I stand behind all of them on this list, though!), Catching Foxes is hosted by Luke and Gomer- two married guys working for the Church who have been friends since Freshman year of college. That friendship, and friendly banter, is so evident in this show that it is like being invited to be their other best friend. They gave their show an explicit rating  “either by being too honest or by being too stupid. Either way, it’s fun!” but really it’s because they’re not afraid to swear a little and to talk about the hard topics (like sex, death, etc). But that just adds to the conversational tone. This podcast is a breath of fresh air. Find it on the iTunes Store and check out their website for more ways to listen and connect with them.


Catholic Playlist Show

If you love music but are dismayed at the seemingly abysmal choices in good, Catholic Christian music out there, this is the podcast for you! Jeff Compton hosts this hour long show in which he showcases great Catholic artists making great Catholic music. Find it on iTunes and check out the website for more ways to listen.


Letters to Women: Exploring the Feminine Genius

Hosted by our very own Chloe (Mooradian) Langr! This podcasts discusses and dissects the Feminine Genius and leans heavily on the writings of Pope St. John Paul II. Chloe interviews other women about how to live this out in our daily, ordinary lives. The first three episodes of this podcast are currently available on the iTunes Store. Check out her website for more on the show and her blog.


Liturgy Guys

Host Jesse Weiler sits down weekly with liturgy experts Christopher Carstens and Dr. Denis McNamara of the Liturgical Institute to discuss, what else?, the Catholic liturgy. They also take listener-submitted questions at the end of each episode. Extremely informative and always orthodox, this podcast has taught me so much about the meaning of the liturgy. Find it on the iTunes Store and check out the Liturgical Institute website for more info.


Pints with Aquinas

Hosted by Matt Fradd, each week he tackles a question St. Thomas Aquinas himself answered in his most famous work, the Summa Theologiae.”So get your geek on, pull up a bar stool, and grab a cold one.” Find it on the iTunes Store and check out Matt’s website for more info.


The Chimney

Hosted by Tommy Tighe, this 5 minutes or under podcast reviews everything funny and awesome happening in Catholic Social Media. Funny, informative, sometimes snarky, this podcast is a great overview of everything you didn’t know you wanted to know. Find it on the iTunes Store.