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Be Careful What You Tweet – A Lesson from Catholic Vote

Social media can be a great platform for the New Evangelization to thrive. But it is also a platform that must be approached with sincerity and clarity. A tweet from Catholic Vote last week taught that exact lesson. On Friday, December 8, Catholic Vote tweeted from their account:

Many people were outraged at the tweet, which implied that the Catholic Church hates women who have had abortions. Although that was not Catholic Vote’s intent at all, the tweet read that way. Here are a few of the responses from Twitter:

After seeing the confusion, Catholic Vote issued a clarification as a reply to their initial tweet. Here’s what they said:

But their followers were not completely satisfied with a clarification as a reply to the initial tweet, though. They asked Catholic Vote to delete the original, confusing tweet. Here are a few of their responses:

Even with the calls to delete, Catholic Vote refused to delete the original tweet. Stephen Herreid, managing editor online for Catholic Vote, engaged in some dialogue with people who were upset.

As of the morning of December 9, Catholic Vote has deleted the tweet in question, leaving the clarification, and tweeted an apology.

Sometimes clarity on social media is hard lesson to learn, but the way we come across online matters. This lesson specially important for Catholics – use clear language so as not to confuse readers and followers while using social media as a tool for evangelization.