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Check Out This Cool Way to Track Your Lent!

Julie Kersting, of Artist Ave, has created a beautiful, unusual way to keep track of your Lent.

Starting from Ash Wednesday through Holy Thursday, this Tracker can aid you in mindfulness, sacrifice, and prayer as you walk through Lent. Included are the major solemnity, fast and abstinence reminders, moon phases, and a special prayer. There are three rows for you to fill in and personalize with symbols, colors, stickers, or whatever you can imagine.

At the center of this Lenten Stellar Tracker is a close up detail of Julie’s original painting, “Surrendering.” It focuses on Mary’s eye as she beholds her crucified Son. Currently, this painting is also available for pre-order.

This beautiful tracker allows you to chronicle your Lenten journey: your sacrifices, prayers, almsgiving, and fasting. It’s an especially helpful way for visual or creative people to track their journey without getting bogged down by calendars or lists.

Learning to take up our crosses and follow Jesus doesn’t mean the world or our lives lose their beauty. It means that we learn about a new kind of beauty. Artist Ave’s Lent Tracker helps us meditate on the beautiful while emptying ourselves in preparation for Christ.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful way to meditate on the sacrifice of Christ and His salvific role in our lives. There is a PDF version and a mailed print version of the tracker available.