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5 Saints Making Their Comic Book Debut

For years, we’ve learned the stories of heroes and villains in comic books. Kids and adults alike enjoy stories of justice, sacrifice, and heroics.

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But comic books aren’t just for Superman, Batman, and the Hulk anymore. Now, the saints lives are brought vividly to life with the stories of courageous heroes in comic book form!

Here are five saints making their comic book debut in a new collection published by Sophia Institute, “The Saints Chronicles.”


1. Saint Patrick

Would you return to the country where you had been enslaved to tell those who live there about the light of Christ?

The heroic story of Patrick starts when Irish pirates kidnap and enslave him. Patrick escapes from their clutches, only to return and convert all of pagan Ireland!


2. Saint Jerome Emiliani 

Do you have the heart to help those truly in need?

When he was imprisoned in a dark dungeon, Jerome converted to Christianity. When he escaped prison, he left behind his old life as a soldier and became a priest. He spent the rest of his life serving the poor and suffering of Italy.


3. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

If you lost everything you had, would you still have hope?

When her husband died at a young age, he left Elizabeth behind in New York with a family to take care of. She rejected a life of wealth and instead took vows of poverty and chastity.

Elizabeth went on to found the first Catholic schools throughout the Untied States and was later canonized as America’s first saint.


4. Saint Henry Morse

Would you go to a country where you might be imprisoned for telling others about the Gospel?

Henry courageously converted to Catholicism, despite the persecution of faithful Catholics in Protestant England. His zeal for his faith led to his eventual arrest and martyrdom.


5. Saint Joan of Arc


Do you live a life that encourages others to follow God?

Perhaps the most famous Catholic warrior, Joan was only thirteen when God called her to rally the French army in defeat against the English.

Want to dive into the lives of Christianity’s boldest heroes of the faith? Pick up a copy of “The Saint Chronicles” today at your local Catholic bookstore or online through Sophia Institute Press!