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The Mass Is a Divine Symphony – You Have to Play Your Part!

I’ve known David L. Gray for a number of years. He recently gave me the opportunity to read a copy of his newest book, The Divine Symphony: An Exordium to the Theology of the Mass.













It only takes reading through the first few pages to see that David absolutely loves the Mass. He absolutely wants Catholics to do more than go to Mass as an obligation, but to appreciate the Mass as a mystical and practical experience for our souls.

In his new book, he skillfully shows the reader the orchestration behind every part of the Mass. He intentional helps the reader further appreciate what’s going on in the Mass and not just going through the motions.

David uniquely writes about his first hand experiences to show the reader what happens if care is not given to the Mass. As his title alludes, the Mass is a symphony. If everyone is not doing their part and respecting the operations and flow, then it can be pretty lousy. He does this will full conviction, but without coming off like a snob. David cares about how the Mass is treated, and he wants his reader to care, too.

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This is different from much of David’s other work I’ve read over the years, mostly concerning apologetics and politics. I’ll admit that politics do not personally motivate me. However, David’s skill in apologetics is keen and sharp.

In The Divine Symphony, David’s skill is on full display as he pulls quotes and lessons from the Bible, the Early Church Fathers, theologians of the modern and older eras, popes, and cardinals. He put a lot of work into this book, and I appreciated that. The book shows his desire to lean on other’s wisdom, not himself.

David’s book is worthy of your time. You can peruse it, or you can deep dive each page. It’s a simple but thorough book sure to please any sort of reader.