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Do You Value the Elderly?

As Catholics, it is good for us to consider making outreach to the elderly. Whether it is our parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, or others, the elderly could use our companionship. Bringing children along to experience the wisdom of elders is s a blessing. Below are a few ways to make a difference in outreach to the elderly.

Visit your relatives

The easiest way to make time to visit older people is visit grandparents and relatives. As we get older in life, life can become lonely at times.  A phone call or visit from a grandchild or friend makes all the difference on a lonesome day. Make it a habit to do this. Older people are often wise, offering wisdom of the past which is treasured.

Meet with neighbors

We live in a world where many people do not know their neighbors or visit them. This is sad because some people do not have resources or connections with others for necessities. When we take the time to visit and to care, we are following Christ. Family members can get involved in making a difference for elderly neighbors and friends.

Your parish

Attending daily mass is an opportunity to get to know other parishioners. Oftentimes, older parishioners attend daily mass, and it is a way to befriend them. It is special to share with an elderly friend and learn from their lives and wisdom. Continue the journey with them through old age to make a wonderful connection that you will remember forever.

These are just a few ways to outreach to the elderly in your community. Remember that it is a spiritual work of mercy to do so in making time for those in need. Be sure to pray for your new friends as with older age comes many challenges. Don’t stop praying, even after your friends go home to the lord.

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